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Increasing competitiveness of Estonian and Latvian food industry based on new and improved local fruit and berry product development (GoodFruit)
Start date: Jun 30, 2008, End date: Aug 30, 2011 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Partners of this project have been sharing their efforts and knowledge to raise the general competitiveness of the local fruit and berry businesses that form an important agricultural industry in both countries.To achieve this, project partners concentrated on both upgrading their infrastructure and building contacts with enterprises. The project introduced novel storage methodologies, upgraded infrastructure in both countries, as well as carried out active networking with enterprises (Estonian and Latvian SMEs), offering them know-how and various product development and storage related services. Achievements: Estonian-Latvian Fruit and Berry Product Development Competence Centre was established to address the common problem – failure of local fruit and berry producers to ensure accessibility and competitiveness of their production in the market due to obsolete technologies of storage and processing. In addition, a product development centre was opened in Polli and a modern storage centre in Pūre - for the use of both Estonian and Latvian producers.A row of seminars on processing and storage issues have been held in both Latvia and Estonia alongside with field trips to local fruit and berry enterprises. These events were actively attended by local producers from both countries. To gain knowledge and international experience, project partners visited also international trade fairs "Interpoma" in Italy and "Fruit Logistics" in Germany. In the result of these intense cooperation activities, leading Estonian and Latvian horticultural researchers and experts (Pūre and Polli centres, their industrial partners, relevant public institutions and NGOs) have developed a strong cross-border network.Enterprises have strarted to actively use the upgraded services provided by this network. To promote these services, project has organized local cross-border fruit and berry fairs in Pūre (Mikeļi Bazaar) and Polli (Apple Blossom Festival) and presented the Goodfruit Network in various thematic trade fairs.Ilze Rudzīte runs the farm „Vilki” in Talsi neighbourhood (LV) and is head of the board for the local fruit and berry cooperative. She has been an active participant in the field trips organized by the project.After seeing the technologies and methods used in Polli, she started to develop various ideas for modernization and new development also in Kurzeme region in Latvia. “We are a small farm with our 10 ha land - too small for bigger investments. But why don’t we upgrade technologies for the whole cooperative? That would enable us to export our production.”Networking during the field trips she finds as a very nice change from the tough daily routine, and a good way to build contacts for future. “In these kind of trips you have the time to chat, reflect on what you saw, discuss some ideas... Not like at home, where everyone is deeply into their own busy work.”The field trips gave useful knowledge, contacts and inspiration – not only for Ilze Rudzīte herself, but also for her cooperative partners, with whom she shared the new experience. And a few other field trip participants joined her cooperative to continue cooperation after the trip. “Now I don’t have to always be the agitator myself – others are already supporting the idea generation, also offering various practical help.”More information please find at:

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