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Increase Vocational Skills to Face Earthquake Risk Inside of Buildings
Start date: Nov 1, 2011,

The furniture industry is one of the largest manufacturing industries of Europe. The sector needs to have an innovative point in design approach to compete with continuously growing Asian market. The VET programmes have to be improved in parallel with the sector. Currently, VET providers have education programs which are absolutely not covering the sectorial innovation needs and focus on technical issues, not design. Design is considered at university level and as the sector is mainly based on SME’s which couldn’t employ designers, the design approach is partly disregarded in current situation. Within this project, we would like to create a new job opportunity to the sector representatives which is directly related to human life! The project focuses on prevention of loss of life, property and function of the buildings during earthquakes by producing non-structural elements considering the risks. Neither in on the point of the VET, nor on the point of the seismology science, the non-structural elements have been taken into account in European level. More than 300 thousand people died and 260 million inhabitants are under the risk of the earthquake now in EU. The SISMILE project would like to create an eLearning package about design techniques on prevention of the risks caused by nonstructural elements inside buildings during earthquakes for furniture workers and manufacturers. This eLearning will train the target group members via creating a real-world simulation and showing the effects of the correct or false designed non-structural elements on inhabitants during the disasters. The training content will be multilingual (EN, TR, IT, SP, GR, BU, RO) and national – cultural differences of the partner countries will be involved. The training programme could be used as a part of current informal, non-formal and formal training systems, but at the same time it could be used individually. It will be created by the cooperations of 8 organizations from 7 countries.
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