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Increase awareness of youth about the importance of environmental protection
Start date: Jan 20, 2013, End date: Jan 20, 2014 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Brief description of the project strategy. Great youth involvement - The key component is great youth involvement on identification of existing behaviour and knowledge that has negative impact on the behaviour towards environmental area and its active involving on improving ecological youth behaviour. Increasing capacity of objective group and partners for viable promoting. Skills and knowledge that project users will gain through increase of capacity will stay in community long after the projects has finalised. Increasing capacity will help the members of the community to provide and support more quality services. Creating the vivid connections between the service maker and receiver in the local communities and objective local communities: One of the barriers that exists between the service maker and receivers in the local communities and objective local communities is the lack of mutual involvement. Project will connect youths with the local institutions and companies, in order to promote mutual comprehension and to increase the capacities of mutual on ecology working plan. The realisation of project has strong implications on SVS region, because it contributes intensifying cooperation, mutual planing and using of local resources on increasing of ecological awareness and responsible ecological behaviour. Achievements: The project envisioned and achieved the following results:- Youth training for an agemate educators in the area of environmental protection and community work;- Creating bilingual web site and set up LMS systems for supporting long distance learning: Preparing and implementation educative workshops for youth by the agemate educators;- Organisation and realisation of activities in the community, led by youths;- Organisation and implementation of round tables together with interested locals on the theme of environmental protection in municipalities of Surdulica and Trn;- Organisation and implementation of international round tables together with interested locals on the theme of environmental protection of cross-border area;- Implementation of a comprehensive media and publicity campaign;- Organisation and realisation of youth ECO CAMP;- Publishing and mutual preparing of trilingual brochures. Project guidebook.The project was successfully completed in January 2014.

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  • 85.1%   59 459,00
  • 2007 - 2013 Bulgaria - Serbia IPA CBC (BG-RS)
  • Project on KEEP Platform
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