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INCONTRI - Teatro e cinema come percorso di relazione fra i giovani
Start date: 01 Oct 2012,

The project "INCONTRI - Encounters- Theatre and Cinema as a pathway of relationship among youth" carries out a process of integration of youth with fewer opportunities from different cultural and social environments in 3 continents.The methodology aims at the inclusion of young people (boys and girls aged 18-28) with no particular aptitude for beeing actors or videomaker (so to say "non-actors") through Theatre and Cinema used as a tool to foster a deeper cultural exchange based on the "encounter" among individuals. Through artistic education it aims to break down the socio-cultural and ethnic barriers so as to create new ways of relating and new models of social inclusion for youth.The objectives are consistent with the Action 3.2 of the Programme YiA: to foster mobility of young people, to promote their active participation in outdoor activities in touch with diverse local contexts, to -stimulate-their-creativity-and-empowermenUo-facilitate-SocialJnclusion-hy-enhancingxultural-diversityT-to— promote the exchange of knowledge and good practice among youth workers.The project rises from a common experience that Partners have been leading for years in different countries with groups of young people: Brazil (in the Favelas), Bolivia (marginalized indigenous in urban centres), Palestine (in the occupied West Bank), France (children of immigrants), Portugal (socially weak groups of Porto), Italy (young migrants refugees).Linking the different training approaches, the project generates new models of pedagogy in the context of non-formal intercultural education based on the use of artistic language and thus contributing to the innovation of youth policies.Impact will be on the personal development of young people by improving self-awareness and skills of expression and strengthening the traits of their own cultural identity. The participative method of the workshops will develop solidarity and tolerance and create a new context of social cohesion. Some of them will define new personal goals that can lead to new goals for their life particularly in the arts field.Operators will develop new tools and methodologies that they will use in their daily educational work with youth. Partners will create a more solid international network able to build upon the results in new international youth projects.The project will be addressed: 128 young people (boys and girls) directly participating in the workshops, 20 youth workers and trainers directly involved in the workshop training, 240 young people participating in the debates prior to the display of the outdoor "theatrical actions" and 1800 adults and 1200 young people attending them, 300 adults and 300 young people attending the video reviews. 300 people (adults and young people) as regular е-users of the RadioWebTv.The activities will take place in 4 different; towns in\4 Countries; Pętropplis-Br^il^ Sucre-Bolivia, Porto-Portugal, Faenza-ltaly. They include the creation of: 2 parallel running workshops (theatre and cinema) in each of the 4 Countries, 1 multicultural workshop in Italy gathering participants from the 6 Partner Countries, 3 outdoor "theatrical actions" in each of the 4 Countries, 3 documentary videos and 1 docu-film, 1 final international conference in Italy, 2 video Festival in 2 different Countries.Besides the traditional tools (leaflets, e-newsletter, website, pages on social network), the dissemination of the project makes also use of non-conventional methods and includes: 1 RadioWebTv, 1 edition of paperback by young participants, 2 video reviews, 12 outdoor "theatrical actions" in suburbs and in city centres in touch with a very varied public.
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