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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

We have been trying for several years to build an inclusive school, a school for all: a mix of ordinary pupils and others with specific needs due to difficulties or disabilities. This requires a new image of the profession, new representations on short and long terms. The members of our team have given time and energy to feed our needs by going through most of trainings and consultation available. The offer is limited and very few observable experiments to enrich our performances and cognitive needs exist. Number of questions remain and we are looking for other experiences and new content. We are already pleased and proud of the result we get so far, but we feel that is is now necessary to turn outward to go beyond our present results. This is why the « Inclusive teaching and special education needs » program organized by Merganser gives us a chance to meet other experiences and theoretical ressources from other countries developing this inclusive approach. We cannot ask the 12 persons of our team to participate in this program. But we intend therefore to send those most likely able to gather the expected datas (knowledge of English, access to concepts, …) and be able to return informations to the other members of the team… Which would thus strengthen the co-construction project. Building this new profession starts through cooperation, sharing of experience, intermission through existing instances providing meetings between professionals (teachers, psychologists, social workers, speech therapists, …). The team already has a motivated and professional dynamic to combine and link all of the ressources of this multidisciplinary staff. We hope to establish our motivation, our creativity, and develop new representations to increase our efficiency on the field, for the profit of the pupils we are in charge of and the wellness of the people supervising them. In the long term, we could maintain our particularity of pioneer school to offer new concrete representations to those who would aim to consult us, as we already do, but with better and more solid representations.
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