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Start date: Mar 1, 2015, End date: Feb 29, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

This youth initiative responds to their interest of 4-6 young people in each parter organition to stretch the possibilities of their creative work and their interest in building social interaction, possibilities and networks. The youth initiative centres around the idea of 'Art Cafes' a space that members of the public can join the young artists for a creative and social workshop in a relaxed environment that promote integration and interaction. The project aims to contribute to SOCIAL INCLUSION,- The project provides an integrated and social setting for engagement PARTICIPATION,- the young people are involved in all aspects of the project and are actively participating in the social and cultural life of the city. CREATIVITY AND CULTURE- Participants will develop their and as they engage with others also contribute to cultural life of the city. The integration and visibility of the artists in a mainstream arts/ cultural setting will contribute to their recognition as members o f the cultural community and the richness and diversity they can bring. EMPLOYMENT AND ENTREPRENUERSHIP- Participants will gain skills through their participation in the project in initiative, creativity, teamwork, all useful skills in the world of work HEALTH AND WELL-BEING There is much evidence that creative participation in social environments contributes to factors of well-being The project seeks to provide models of integrated and inclusive practices that could inspire further innovation and inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities. The following results are expected: The creation of a model of drop in public "Art Cafes' hosted by artists with intellectual disabilities. This model will be developed according to the specific skills and interests of the young artists involved. The exchange of experiences and approaches between the partners The dissemination of outcomes. IMPACT ON PARTICIPANTS We expect the following impacts in terms of increase of competences in relation to the LLC framework -Communication in the mother tongue. -communication in foreign languages. -mathematical competence and digital competence. -learning to learn. There will be strong personal and social development focus to the project -the artists will developed their voice and capacity for self expression. The we have a new level of autonomy They will have a new level of social inclusion They will learn about decision making and team work. The project aims to improve wellbeing through the opportunity to -connect -be active -keep learning . -give to others -take notice (mindfulness) IMPACT ON PARTICIPANT ORGANISTION. The partner organisations will learn by developing their relationship and gaining insight to approaches in general as will as the specific approaches used within this project. It will give the opportunity to reflect on practices IMPACT ON TARGET GROUPS The member of the public who participate in the workshops will have the opportunity to engage with the participants in the project and with their creativity. The project also aims to contribute to their well being. Expected Impact on community It is expected that the project will challenge perceptions of people with intellectual disabilities and their capacity to develop as artists and to contribute to the cultural life of the city. IMPACT ON OTHER STAKE-Holders The project seeks to provide models of integrated and inclusive practices that could inspire further innovation and inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities with potential impact on the cultural and disability sectors Longer term impacts Online documentation will sustain the impact of the programme The learning from the project will be sustained into future work of the partner organisations. The reflection documentation and recognition of learning will support that sustaining of the learning for the individuals. The organisations will support them with development of follow on activities. This will involve looking at further opportunities within Erasmus+ as well as looking at other learning and development opportunities for the young people.
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