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Start date: May 1, 2016, End date: Jun 30, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The main theme of the project is to exchange ideas and approaches about communication and inclusion concerning youngsters with a disability.The three project partners, Het Balanske (Belgium), Na Tak (Poland) and Soyad (Turkey) are three organizations that work with children and youngsters who have a disability and live at home. With this project we want to exchange knowledge, experiences and information that will help our professionals and volunteers to guide children and youngsters with a disability. By learning from each other we want to improve our skills and be able to offer a better chance for inclusion. The main focus lies on the exchange of adapted communication tools and methods. By communication we mean the understanding and translation of a message, the process of influencing each other and developing and using tools to understand and influence the child, the process of creating the best environment for the participation of these youngsters.The project we will explore all different levels of communication and how they can be improved so that a qualitative youth-work for youngsters with a disability can be offered.The importance of the project lies in the fact that a better communication leads to more chances. People with a disability have more communicational problems than people without a disability. On the one hand our target-group isn't able to communicate and understand messages. On the other, our professionals and volunteers don't always have enough possibilities and tools to communicate clearly with them. To communicate well with people with a disability different aspects of communication are important . The several project partners each developed already their own tools and methods of communication that work. In this project we will learn these methods from each other.By learning from each other we believe that our professionals and volunteers will be able to be better guides for our youngsters with a disability and thereby more chances/inclusion can be offered:• When there are enough possibilities to communicate, it's easier to participate for a person with special needs.• When caretakers can develop innovative communication tools, persons with disabilities can be better understood.• When one develops communication tools (alternative videos, passport, icons and other materials), the likelihood to more participation will increase and so the inclusion of the disabled person increases as well.A script will be developed, as a result of this project, about all communication tools and methods we have learned from each other and point out all the advantages a better communication can have, with a special focus on INCLUSION of youngsters with a disability. By carrying out these results to other organizations (new partners) we want to expand the script over the years.The goal of the project is an exchange of expertise between the three project partners Het Balanske, Na Tak and Soyad, and to implement the learnings. Specific learning needs are better communication and tools how to handle children with behaviour disorders and disability. The project consists of three sessions, one in Belgium (May 2016), one in Poland (November 2016, and one in Poland (May 2017). The participants will be professionals and volunteers of each organization, 33 for the first session, 22 for the second, and 18 for the third. The delegated participants have a long service in their organization, resulting in considerable expertise.The methods used will be presentations and workshops, with specific topics:Session 1: • snoezeling (Sensory integration therapy)• Individual communication-tools/systemSession 2: • volunteers • video-consultingSession 3• Snoezeling• learning how to play• behaviour disordersThe main impact will be that youth-workers of the three organisations will learn to improve their communication skills with youngsters that have special needs. The main benefit will be for the youngsters with a disability that their inclusion process in their family and by extension in all facets of society will be enhanced.
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