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Inclusion EVS in Europe
Start date: Mar 1, 2011,

Europejskie Forum M odzie y is planning to implement an seminar, meant to provide a communication platform with the possibility to exchange experiences and to develop new ideas for a number of 25 promoters (32 participants) from different countries in Europe (Poland, France, Turkey, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, Bulgaria, Italy, Greece, Czech Republic, Italy, Portugal, Spain) and to create a productive environment for the exchange of good practices concentrating on a specific topic: how to improve the quality of EVS project, especially short term activities, in such a way that the learning outcomes become valuable in the future life of the volunteer.The project will be implemented in Poland where a number of 32 participants will join activities like workshops, exchange of ideas and practices, case studies, group work. All the methods to be used have been chosen with the main aim of offering the participants a space for discussions on the maintopic of how to implement the EVS inclusion activities in different parts of Europe.In order to reach this aim, the project team will concentrate on the following main objectives:v' To disseminate correct and complete information about Youth in Action Programme, Action 2 EVS and international youth cooperation to 32 participants from 13 countries;s To encourage a number of 32 participants to raise the quality of their voluntary inclusion projects in a way that the outcomes become valuable in the future professional life of the beneficiaries and how to pay special attention on the inclusion of youngsters with fewer opportunities and integrate them more in the project activities to ensure an improved learning outcome to ensure an impact on the youngsters future lifes To support future EVS partnerships between ED states and by bringing them together in a project designed for exchange of good practices and how to develop new partnership with neighbouring partner countries and to involve them in a successful cooperation concerning the implementation of EVS projectsFor 5 days, the participants will be involved in a facilitated dialog concentrating around the topic of quality in voluntary projects. In order to support and encourage the exchange of good practices the organizers will chose non-formal methods of education and will create a comfortable space for discussion. In the end, the youngsters and youth workers involved will be able to better understand what EVS for inclusion means and how this specific action of the YiA Programme can bring added value in the professional and personal life of the volunteers and, what is more, how can EVS reduce social exclusion and unemployment.
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