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Inclui2: la inclusión se vive, la inclusión se aprende.
Start date: May 2, 2016, End date: Dec 1, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Context and objectives of the project.The im of the project INCLUI2 is focusing the attention on the real inclusion. The aim is that young people with intellectual disabilities can have the same opportunities as other young for mobility and participation. Also, the aim of the project is that young workers in the youth field can have the possibility and the opportunity to follow learning and thinking how to make a more inclusive society.Number and profile of participants.The project - INCLUI2 - see the participation of 22 younger came from 4 countries and 6 different organization. The young participate in two project that are strongly interconnected.Description of activities.Within INCLUI2 there are two different project: a short-term EVS for young people with intellectual disabilities but also for young people without disabilities that can develop in this way a dimension of inclusion, accompanying persons and professionals. The other activity, the mobility of youth workers, see the participation of youth experts whowill to share and learn in how to work improving inclusion: our association, that organize this activity, is an expert about the support employment methodology and about projects of mobility for young people with intellectual disabilities.We want to share our successful methodologies.Methodology.The 100 % of the methodology will be practical, participatory and reflexive: this will support the participants to understand and incorporate the knowledge of both. The protagonist of the project is the whole group of younger: Inter Europa will organize activities and dynamics where they can learn by doing.Outcomes.Increase and improve personal skills and professionals ones in all the participants. Try to push a change in the image of the persons with intellectual disabilities: move from being passive to active, see them as people which can contribute to our society.Expected impactIn the local level, we expect an important impact: the place in which the activities will be developed is small, in this way the contact will be fluid and we will have the possibility and the opportunity to create spaces where the exchange between European and local community group is possible.Impact for the organizations: new learning, improvement for the international experiences of the organizations involved, exchange of social and work tools and methodology.Impact in the close environment of the young participants, especially for the younger with disabilities and their parents: they can feel that their sons and daughters can have opportunities as other younger to go outside its borders.Long-term benefits: benefits for the group of people with intellectual disabilities: improving their autonomy that will help them in their personal and professional future. Benefits for Youth workers: they will learn new methodology of work, exchanging and sharing methodology with younger with different personal and professional background.Benefits for institutions and in their local communities: the project and the activities have the aim to generate and develop more a strong sense of justice and egalitarian society. Projects like this one, represent a push to continue to fight for those who have more difficulties: this is a important long term benefit.

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