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Include us in EVS
Start date: Jan 10, 2015, End date: May 10, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Contact making event entitled as "Include us in EVS" will take place in Yerevan, Armenia from 15-23 February, 2014. It will bring together youth workers and youth leaders from EU and non-EU countries, such us Slovakia, Czech Republic, Italy, Turkey, Armenia, Ukraine, Moldova. According to the need assessment on the inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities in EVS projects, we can easily notice that many youth organizations don't involve them in their EVS projects. The reason is the general fear among EVS organizations on how to integrate those young people in daily activities of the project, how to work with them and to what specifically to pay attention to. In order to change the situation for better, the contact making event ''Include us in EVS'' aims to increase the number of young people with fewer opportunities, particularly with disabilities in European Voluntary Service projects. With the purpose of achieving our aim the project persuades the following objectives: -To equip the participants with knowledge about young people with fewer opportunities (Social obstacles, Economic obstacles, Disability, Educational difficulties, Cultural differences, Health problems, Geographical obstacles), -To reduce the fear of EVS organizations in hosting young people with fewer opportunities, especially with disabilities, -To share the best practice of SPOSA in hosting young people with disabilities with participants working in the field of EVS, -To develop the personal and professional competences of EVS managers, job supervisors and mentors for working with disabled young people. The target group of the project are youth workers and youth leaders working with EVS projects, such as EVS project coordinators, job supervisors and mentors. Mainly the methodology of Non-formal education will be applied during the whole project. While participating in group work discussions, study visits, debates, the participants will be equiped with necessary skills, cometences and knowledge on the topic. ''Include us in EVS'' will also be a learning experience for all organisations. We expect from our participants to transfer their gained knowledge to their peers, volunteers and workers of the organization. So, the impact of this project will reach not only the participants but also to their organizations, as partners will use the learned methods in order to improve their EVS projects and include more young people with disabilities. Finally, taking into account the specific target of the participants, particularly we will bring together all EVS project managers, people who are responsible for decision-making within their organizations, the positive effect of sharing of best practices will then be enhanced by their position. This will allow them to directly affect the quality of future EVS projects, become more competent and overcome the fear of hosting young people with disabilities.

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