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Include — Overcoming Beneficiary Barriers to Dyslexia and Improving The Quality and Availability of Screening, Skills Training, Competency and Understanding

The project aims at supporting the dyslectics in their search for an easier access to schooling, training and employment. Training could be the most adequate pathway to reinforce their self confidence and motivation. Therefore the proposal envisages the implementation of a screening tool ICT based, to be used with a double scope: (1) identifying the single dyslectic person in terms of location, way of living, interest towards training and employability, former achievements in school or vocational training, pre-existent skills; (2) counselling, i.e. guidance of the dyslectic towards the best fitted (for him) training modules and assistance to the fruition through tutoring and problem solving. The proposed screening tool is fitted for other purposes too: mapping the different situations and also the diverse priorities and concerns among the partners; as well as the different national policies towards this target group. The proposal underlines that in many Countries – including those of some of the partners-there are modest and not systematic efforts to detect dyslexia nor policies to help the individual in overcoming the relevant impairment. -- OBJECTIVES AND ACTIVITIES: A strong effort for granting the best possible chances to the dyslectics. This being the main objective of the project and training is the instrument envisaged for achieving such a goal. The activities: (1) the research in the Countries of the partnership in order to have an updated picture of the needs of the target group throughout of Europe. (2)Drafting the e.learning programme : that will be tested through a pilot training involving dyslectics, trainers, and personnel of the institutions in charge of dealing with training for disabled persons. -- RESULTS AND PRODUCTS: The first most important outcome of the project should be a growing attention to the world of dyslexia and of dyslectics: some of the Countries of the partnership, those of recent accession to EU mainly, must improve their policies on the matter. The second outcome is the training programme and the relevant products as the screening tool, the handbook and the other printed material planned for the valorisation activities. -- POTENTIAL FUTURE: The training programme, duly adapted, could be of some relevance also for other disadvantaged groups

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