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İnaç Parkı(Religion Park)
Start date: Jul 20, 2014, End date: Oct 19, 2014 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Mardin connects Anatolia and Mesopotamia to each other. Within historical development , dozens of civilizations and dozens of different religions, ethnic groups and sects was hosted and these different cultures hundreds of thousands of years in solidarity, have blended woo and tolerance in a pot while preserving their differences.Muslims, Syriac, Jacobite, Chaldean, Nestorian, Jews , Kurds, Arabs , Chechens, Armenians, such as different religions and different ethnic communities by 'natural social tolerance ' lived together in peace and brotherhood for centuries and they were managed to maintain this until today.We think that Mardin with it’s history and many existing projects, reflects ‘tolerance’ the best way, which is the main theme of our project, and we decided to perform here .Our project is planned to be, in addition to activities existing for the radical solution of the social problems, in particular for the Turkish Youth and the local people, in general for the European Youth to develop tolerance-based perspective.In this sense activities on the basis of tolerance that we planed and perform will help young people to recognize different cultures and ethnic backgrounds, and provide them to see existing and ongoing projects in this direction.With the help of our project we can break preconceptions of the European Youth about our country and then believe that these youth play an important role to break prejudices in their own countries.The most important goal of our project, develop tolerance-based perspective at young people and realized them that social differences (religion, ethnic origin, creed etc. ) is not a rejudgment but rather as a source of cultural enrichment.All project activities are planned in this direction. We are planning our project activities as 8 nights and 9 days. In our activity we will work with Poland,Bulgaria,Italy,Romania,Hungary,Republic of Macedonia which have projects related to our topic, six people from each country and a total of 42 participants will take place.In the context of project activities, participatory organization will introduce themselves and similar works they do in their country, seminars and panel work will be done scope to activities conducted in the 'Culture Faith Park' at Mardin Nusaybin, during visiting Faith Park excavation area a presentation will be performed by archaeologists, practical work will be done by participants from different cultures to gain skills and a guided cultural and historical city tour will will be made. Common learning methods for creating permanent learning and gains will be used at all activities in our project.
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