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In Vitro Tissue Model with Integrated Micro-fluidics and Electronics (IN TIME)
Start date: 15 Jan 2015, End date: 14 Jan 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

"There is a pressing need to move away from animal testing and animal models for the toxicological profiling of chemical substances and new drug formulations. For this reason the generation and validation of alternative test methods of in vitro tissue models is required.The IN TIME project proposes to bring together recent advances in the fields of ‘organ-on-chips’ (micro-fluidics incorporating in vitro cell growth) with a highly performant electronic monitoring system to provide in-line monitoring of target parameters. The IN TIME platform will use state of the art micro-fluidic technology which will allow for realistic stresses and flows that mimic those to which tissue is subjected to in vivo. It will also harness recent advances in the field of organic bioelectronics which have seen the development of cutting edge devices capable of interfacing with biological systems for rapid and highly sensitive monitoring of tissue in vitro. A key advantage of the proposed platform is that it will use low cost approaches and materials, compatible with current cell culture laboratories for easy integration and use. Through the collaborations of specialists in biology and bioelectronics, the applications micro-fluidics and OECTs for in-line biomedical applications will be exploited.The success of the IN-TIME project will result in a novel ‘organ-on-chip’ platform that will assist significantly in realizing the 3Rs goal of replacement, refinement and reduction of animal testing, thus contributing to the competitiveness of European research teams, and the training of European researchers in this area of strategic importance."
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