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In the Paradise Garden of Europe
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project ‘In the Paradise Garden of Europe’ is aimed at the pupils, also the disabled , the teachers from European schools and the local communities connected with them. The tasks are adjusted to their needs and possibilities .A subject of this enterprise is to get familiar and show the unknown places of special natural ,illuminating and educational values- enchanting ,reputable not placed in the guide books areas- the partners Small Homelands. ’Paradise Garden of Europe’- it is for us a small area of primeval nature with its richness of flora and fauna, often not really know, a safe diverse and ideal place to reach the life goals, without communication and cultural barriers. We want the project participants to show their creativity and creative interpretation in this field. Each of the partner will get familiar with its ‘paradise garden’ and then will demonstrate it to the rest of the participants. We will mutually create a notion about ‘Paradise Garden of Europe’, which will be a summary of our activity. A jointly done poster ‘Paradise Garden of Europe’ will come into being. It will include students’ diverse products depicting ‘paradise nooks’-discovered, known and creatively interpreted by the students. We will hand over a message:’ Save it to the future generations’. We will focus on discovering and getting familiar with those places as well as showing them to the project participants. They will be presented to the communities in the project countries. We will carry out educational lessons with a participation of the teachers and students from the partner countries. The teachers will exchange their experiences, will prepare innovative, lesson summaries which will be mutually carried out. They will improve their English skills thanks to a language course organized within a framework of the project. Art- literary competitions, vernissages, happenings ,educational projects, debates, will be held in order to get information relating to the places and their role in the life of local communities. We will promote those places by preparing environmental publications. We will get acquitted with our paradise gardens in a multi –sensory way depicting European natural landscapes, we will show a mutual dependence of a human being and the Nature. The participants will also get to know the most outstanding artistic, musical and literary works referring to Nature beauty. We will use art to express ourselves emotionally. We will aspire to develop abilities to express and recognize emotions by organizing classes in interpersonal communication and socially – minded conduct development. The project goals are: developing cooperation between the project schools, enriching teaching and innovative skills, arousing curiosity, getting to know the surrounding world, shaping activeness conduct, developing language , interpersonal, communication, ITC skills, getting to know the natural and cultural diversity, shaping ecological conduct, create a sense of being an European citizen, shaping empathy ,respect, tolerance and acceptance of cultural dissimilarity conduct, developing key skills. They will be achieved by means of innovative and active methods such as: a work group, project realizations, a brainstorm, mental maps, decision trees and others. Elements of social therapy, art therapy and multi-sensory getting to know the world will be introduced to the project. Nine countries have been involved in the project. These are primary schools, high junior schools and a vocational school from Poland, Latvia, Austria, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Greece and Romania. The students of the partner schools and their teachers will be main beneficiaries and performers of the project. The effects of the students and their teachers will be shown with participation of parents, local and education authorities as well as mass media. The Internet data base will be prepared and it will serve to disseminate the project results among Internet users. The final products performed and collected in school libraries, on educational webpages, disseminated among teachers in other schools and pedagogy students will serve them to enrich an educational base, to develop a general knowledge about the project countries. The students will establish individual contacts with their project peers and will continue doing them after the project is over. The teachers and the students via mutual contacts will get to know a specificity of educational systems in the countries and the knowledge they will acquire will transfer onto own ground. Due to it they will improve a teaching –learning process in the project countries. The paradise nooks, which we will discover due to the project will broaden horizon, enrich our knowledge about Europe. Owing to the contacts with other countries, we will take advantage of the experience of these countries in the field of psychological-educational assistance.
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