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Start date: Feb 10, 2016, End date: Nov 9, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The Youth Exchange IN SPORT WE TRUSTI is a project aimed at promoting healthy lifestyle and cultural diversity through presenting and sharing traditional European sports, games and outdoor activities. It is an initiative resulting from the long-term cooperation and partnership between several non-governmental youth organizations from different European countries, and it is designed to address the need for stimulating healthy lifestyle and active aging among young people, motivating them to break the passivity and physical inactivity that becomes more and more present in their lives as a consequence of Internet social networks and the everyday static living in virtual communities, and highlighting the capacity of sport as a very efficient means for bringing people with different background together and stimulating cohesion.The objectives of this project are as follows: -strengthening the cohesion on the European continent by presentation of and connection through its cultural diversity in the form of traditional sports and games;-promoting European cooperation through gathering participants from various European countries and creating grounds for initiating future projects and partnerships; -promoting active citizenship through involving participants in interactive, non-formal and informal learning daily activities tackling European issues and discussing possible solutions; -highlighting the importance of healthy lifestyle through performing sports, games and outdoor activities and stressing the benefits that they bring; -fostering European citizenship through involving young people in interactive activities that will help them understand their role as citizens of Europe and develop a sense of belonging to the idea of a united Europe. The project will take place in the UNESCO World Heritage Site town of Nesebar, Bulgaria, in June 2016, and will gather 38 young people from Bulgaria, Macedonia, Italy, Latvia, Czech Republic and Lithuania. It targets young people aged 18-30 interested in sport and outdoor activities. Playing traditional European sports/games presented by the respective national teams will be the key activity of the Exchange. In addition to this primary activity, IN SPORT WE TRUST is planned to achieve the abovesaid objectives through a variety of non-formal and informal learning activities and methods that encourage active involvement of participants—ice-breakers, energizers, team-building games, discussions, team presentations, simulations, role plays, NGO fair, intercultural evenings—and that, at the same time, meet the need of young people for acquiring skills which are considered to be a necessity for the personal and professional development young person nowadays, such as presentation and leadership skills, ability for working in a team and in multicultural environment, self-confidence, speaking in public. Furthermore, during the Exchange the participants will tackle issues such as active and European citizenship, fighting stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination, protection of cultural heritage.The expected results are focused on raising young people’s awareness for healthy lifestyle and for the cultural diversity on the European continent. We believe that through this Youth Exchange, the participants will gain a new knowledge on Europe and its sport and cultural diversity, strengthen their existing or create a new attitude towards sports as one of the greatest inventions of mankind, and adopting a healthy lifestyle. In addition to these effects, IN SPORT WE TRUST will result in the creation of a unique European game consisting of elements of traditional sports/games from various European countries, and a video recording the activities that will lead to the creation of that game, together with other accompanying promotional materials, such as photos, posters, short video clips.IN SPORT WE TRUST has a strong intercultural and European dimension. The Exchange will take place in a culturally rich region where countries from geographically, economically and culturally different regions in Europe will share to each other their traditions, which, we are positive, will add to the binding of the European tissue and will be the best possible example of putting the "United in Diversity" motto of the EU in practice. Moreover, we believe that this project will encourage the participants, using the video of the Exchange as well, to further inspire other young people in their communities to think more about and engage themselves in having socially and physically active life, thus ensuring a longer-term spread of the idea and objectives of the project. Finally, it goes without saying that this Exchange will be a useful chance for the young people to learn more about the Erasmus + Programme and the opportunities that it offers.
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