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In NFE We Trust!
Start date: Jul 1, 2014, End date: Mar 31, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

“In NFE We Trust!” was a Training Course activity in the frame of the new Erasmus+ programme. The event was hold in Uri during 6 days (July 20/27, 2014 including travel days) involving 24 youth leaders, youth workers and social workers from 8 EU countries.The TC aimed to create new partnerships and new youth projects reflecting on the topic of Non Formal Education (NFE) as a professional tool for youngsters.In fact, reflecting on this issue the project was focused on youth policies, relevant to European Citizenship and participation of young people priorities trough the new programme.The participants discussed about NFE recognition: their rights, their opportunities, their obstacles in using this methodology, their experiences in civil society. Through no formal education methods they analyzed opportunities and challanges of being a European citizens they drafted new projects proposal to encourage people in being European Active Citizens throught NFE.In particular they though about new possible strategies to involve young people in disadvantages areasMV International (MVI) promoted the TC and aimed to valorize the high quality system of NFE and to validate and create a common form of certification of the key competences gained in a non formal education context.Since non-formal education is not recognized in all European countries, one of the main objectives of MVI was to train social workers at a professional level in order to serve as a support for the youth.Therefore this project aimed to build the basis of a NFE Pool of Trainers inside the network of NGOs being inspired by the “Pathway 2.0 towards recognition of NFE learning/education and of youth work in Europe” (2011) created by the European Commission and the Council of Europe in the field of Youth.According to this paper, “Non formal education/learning in the youth field is more than a sub category of education and training since it is contributing to the preparation of young people for the knowledge based and civil society”.We wanted to rise the awareness of the importance of a non formal education methods and the recognition of the key competences developed in order to facilitate the youth employability.The target group was social worker that are actively involved in NFE methods in their NGO during their daily activity to support personal development of youth in disadvantage areas (such as rural area or suburbs).The main question we wanted to answer is: how the NFE in a professional way could help youth on rising their possibility of being a job itself or get a job developing their competences?Social workers are facing off this problems every day and usually their method are not codified that means not well recognized from the authorities. The role played by social workers and NGOs is crucial since it help to lead youth during their personal growth giving them new competences useful for the labour makert (in term of digital, social, civic, linguistic competences).After having identify the mistakes of the past economic mentality and passing in a new economic model more ethic, fair and socially and environmentally friendly, projects like this are up to date and cover present and future needs of both NGOs and firms. All in all, this project was indispensable for the development of an innovative cooperation between NGOs and profit making organizations.Our objective was to establish a permanent cooperation and network between social workers and labour market in order to facilitate their job as a professional former of youth. All the partners involved are actively working on social topics since ages in the field of NFE.Organizers realized those ideas in three steps:- Before the event: a research in which each partners could introduce the social context, analyzing all together the weakness and the strengths offered by the community trying to suggest new methods and action to be implemented;- Before the event: local meetings:, conference or seminar about the importance of “non formal education as a professional method” in which all the authorities (policy making, stakeholders) acting at local, regional and international level could understand itsimportance;- The Event: the production of an output (Guide) as a results of the meeting about best practices to be implemented in projects that we will plan during the PBA inside the network.Taking into consideration the policies of EU, VNFE project set as objectives:- Access of youths with fewer opportunities in education for enhancement their work opportunities;- Decrease of youth unemployment with gaining new competences;- Foster the cooperation between NGOs and civil society in the combat of social issues

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