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"In medio stat virtus: sharing good practices from north to south"
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The world is constantly getting smaller, and the globalization and interaction between nations have increased in many levels, from travelling to interacting on the internet. These opportunities also bring along some challenges – we need to broaden our understanding of and knowledge about the different cultures with whom we interact. This also applies to the field of education. With the technology of today and the use of internet, a whole new world has opened up the possibilities within education. In this project we wish to focus on increased knowledge and understanding, both intercultural and educational. Through intercultural exchange, on the internet and by visiting each other, we hope to broaden our horizon, and learn about each other’s differences and equalities within the frames of acceptance and respect. We will share and further develop our best practices at school, both for teachers and administration, paying special attention to the use of ICT and OER, and the use of international certification. Staff and teachers in both countries possess knowledge useful to the other partner, and by sharing this, we also broaden our professional horizon. This is a bilateral project between two schools from Norway and Italy, who already know each other through earlier e-twinning projects and visits. The project includes groups of staff, teachers and pupils, since the development of good practices involves all levels at the organizations. Each participant will be teamed up to a partner with similar tasks in the partner country, so they can work closely together on known subjects and matters. During the project, we will have two meetings to observe, share and reflect upon our schools systems and teaching methodologies. The following year, each school will integrate the obtained knowledge in their practices, and in the spring there will be arranged two workshops, one in each country, where the participating members of the project can share and disseminate their competence to the rest of staff at school for them to use. In a longer perspective, we hope that this will improve the administration and teaching methodology at both schools, making the school more attractive and motivating for the pupils of the future. We also want an increased focus on internationalization at both schools, making mobility for travelling, educational or employment purposes less intimidating and more interesting for the all participants. Throughout the project, we will present our results on different platforms on the internet and to our colleagues locally and regionally, and also on the e-twinning platform. The aims are both sharing obtained knowledge, and to inspire to more international collaboration. The main platform will be e-twinning, and the project will be continued and updated even after the project period is over, to maintain the flow and development in sharing good practices.
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