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IMPROVISION - Inclusion through Art
Start date: May 4, 2016, End date: Jan 3, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

One of the ongoing challenges in youth work is the integration of disadvantaged groups in the society or in regard of the European youth work sphere, their involvement in international projects. There is a constant need for new and innovative methods, which would ease this process and also give them an inspiring environment to develop their potential. Artistic forms of expressions are very promising in this field for several reasons. Regarding the aspect of personal development, artistic methods are very powerful as they give an opportunity for self- discovery. In the process of creation, we always express more than we are consciously aware at the moment. Especially the spontaneous creations in an improvisation setting are very useful in this sense and the outcomes can be used as a mirror to reflect on your ‘inner world’. Apart from the benefit regarding personal development, they have the clear advantage of not relying on spoken language. This can be very helpful while organizing international encounters with people whose language skills are not good enough to get into verbal communication. Despite their usefulness and potential as described above, artistic methods are not very wide spread and far away of being in the standard tool box of youth workers. Especially in the EECA region this field is still underdeveloped and it would be therefore highly beneficial to educate multipliers in this field. The proposed training course “IMRPOVision – Inclusion trough Art” therefore wants to gather 26 youth workers and youth leaders from program and EECA partner countries to explore the potential of artistic forms of expression in (international) youth work setting with disadvantaged groups.The objectives of the project are:• To equip youth worker and leader from Program and EECA partner countries with the competences to use artistic forms of expression in their work with young people from disadvantaged groups• To give youth workers creative tools of personal development and self-exploration which they will experience on themselves and afterwards apply to their target groups • To form a network among like-minded organisations and individuals with an interest in long-term cooperation in the field of the training• To develop follow-up projects for youth from disadvantaged groups, which will make use of the new knowledge and competences gained during the trainingParticipants will be youth workers and youth leaders working for the inclusion of disadvantage groups in society. The methodology will be based on the values and principles of non-formal education and the main working methods are making use of creative forms of expression. The special focus will be layed on methods of improvisation in the field of music and movement. The project will result in the increased competences of participating youth workers to make use of artistic methods in the work with their target groups and on a long term will contribute to a more inclusive society.

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