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Improvisation joins us , gives us inspiration.Professional development of music teachers with the focus on music improvisation and rhythmic topics; testing and adopting the new teaching and learning materials and tools.
Start date: Sep 1, 2016, End date: Nov 30, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

" Improvisation joins us , gives us inspiration. Professional development of music teachers with the focus on music improvisation and rhythmic topics."It is two years project in which four music schools from three coutries Sweden, Poland and Italy are going to cooperate to develop teachers knowledge and skills in the field of music teaching; to create,test and adopt the new materials and tools to teach/learn improvisation & rhytmic; to develop the pupils' competences both as a musician and in general knowledge focus on linguistic ability; to raise awareness both teachers and pupils to the increasing diversity of our society and to work on tolerance and respect for others.The actually identified needs of the project are:- lack of well approved materials for teaching improvisation - the need is reported in three partner countries- supporting for polish teachers who starting with improvisation as a new school subjectIn response to that needs, the general goal of the project is to improve and develop the quality and attractiveness of music teaching, by professional development of teachers. The more specific objectives are:1. Develop, test, adapt and adopt innovative practice relating to music improvisation i.e.: the new learning / teaching materials and tools for teachers and pupiles; base on the Swedish & Italian experiences exchange; 2. Improve competence in teaching rhythmic by introducing the new guidance and tools of the Dalcroze Eurhythmics teaches concepts of rhythm ; provide by the Polish partner.3. Increase the music teachers skills and knowledge thanks to peer learning, exchanges experience, and implementation the new materials and tools created during the project. 6. Better understanding by all project’s participants, both pupils and teachers, the social, ethnic, linguistic and cultural diversity of the present EU’s society.Our partnership consists of four schools from three countries: - Sweden represents Gällivare Kulturskola and Pitea Musik och Dansskola, the schools collaborate with each other for nearly 20 years at the area of music improvisation; run together "Blue bird " jazz improvisation project in Norrbotten/North Sweden.- Poland - The Secondary Music School in Kielce, partners got to know each other in 2012, when Kulturskola run the project financed by SIDA. - Italy Frosinone Music Conservatory - it is high education school - a new partner in the project; cooperation is possible thanks to two italian musicians - a couple, who have started to work at Gallivare Kulturskola in 2014.The best we can share with each other:The swedish partners' main contribution to the project are: the knowledge and long experience in teaching improvisation, own uniqe teaching skills, creativness and most of all the great enthusiasm for music improvisation . The partner from Poland except its high technique of playing and good knowledge of instruments, will share with the others its knowledge, skills and experience in teaching rhythmic, especially activities of the Dalcroze Eurhythmics method. This issue it is important for the musical development and overall growth of children and youth. The Italian Music Conservatory - is well known in Italy for a high level of music education, particularly jazz improvisation. They fits perfectly into this project, with its high advanced jazz improvisation department and huge experience in running EU's projects. The italian partner will raise the methodical level of the project and bring in the new musical inspirations. We plan to achieve our goals by:- exchanging best practices and training together during 2 international meetings for teachers, - prepare innovative improvisation methodology and the guidelines of rhythmic; and working on them during 2 international workshops for pupils and throughout implementation and follow up phase,- measure the effectiveness and attractiveness of these created materialls by pupils' s evaluation and progress, useing jointly prepare tests of advancement for the selected instruments - build an open communication platform with digital project's products: DVDs, CDs, learning data base, youtube films, - organize concerts playing by pupils and teachers together During the whole project's time, we will not only focus on teaching methods and materials, but also on the teaching environment - pupils, mutual attitudes, use of language, cultural differences etc. We will work on promotion intercultural dialogue, tolerance and standing against discrimination and racism. While we run the international meeting with pupils, we will talk about the culture and history of the countries participating in the project, we plan to organized the trip to Auschwitz and ply the concert with the youth refugees and pupils from Lappland School in Gällivare. Through these activities we want to make them aware how important is the mutual respect and tolerance and how horible could be the consequences of its absence.
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