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Improving your Profile: reducing your footprint
Start date: Jan 1, 2012,

Based on the aims of the CHANGE project, which ‘seeks to help SMEs optimise their energy use…by kick-starting or enhancing concrete assistance to enterprises’, this project proposal looks to address these issues by developing a training programme for students entitled Reducing Your Environmental Impact. It will be designed to train them to carry out an onsite (in the workplace) initial environmental review based on the model presented by EMAS. It will consist of a series of modules, which will develop their environmental awareness, improve their key/transversal skills and when applied in the workplace will increase their understanding of business processes and what they can contribute to business success. In addition, we will develop and test a train-the-trainers programme based on the Carrying out an Initial Environmental Review module. It will utilise ‘modelling the method’ techniques through which key staff from each partner will experience and internalise aspects of constructivism that will enable them to implement a project-based approach that promotes autonomous learning.To aid wider dissemination these resources will be translated into the language of each of the partners.We believe this will be attractive to our target audiences:• Most people are concerned about the environment but are unaware of how they can make an impact• Students will be active and enabled to apply the knowledge and skills acquired in the workplace• Employers will gain insights into how they can implement ‘no-cost/low cost’ carbon reduction measures and the benefits of employee training • Adult educators will develop training skills that will improve recruitment, retention and results.
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