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Improving the practical skills of health professionals for the improvement of health of Children with intellectual disabilities - with focus on PraderVili Syndrome
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Obesity is a rapidly growing problem worldwide leading to series of devastating complications of the health of the individual. Easy access to cheap calorie foods and passive lifestyle are the two most important factors for the growth of diseases caused by obesity. In individuals with Prader-Willi and other conditions where there is association between mental disability and excessive obesity, the problem becomes even greater and more difficult to solve, given the inability of the individual to understand the consequences of excessive obesity and inability to set the appropriate dietary regiment. The motive for the application of this project is need for acquiring new and current knowledge of this complex area in developed centers with more experience. Lack of experience for prevention and treatment of comorbidities that have a person with Prader Willy syndrome and other syndromes associated with obesity, made us to get in touch with the more advanced centers which work and care for the health of this vulnerable population for at least ten years. Raising the public awareness about this group of people in several structures of society,as well as complexity of the problem initiated the idea of education and the creation of a comprehensive team of experts from various profiles that would allow the establishment of a center for integrated care and treatment of these individuals. The team that would be educated in the center in Germany will include different profiles of professionals, who, from their point of interest would help in organizing health care for these people in the entire country. The team will include doctors specializing in pediatrics, neonatology, internal medicine, psysiatrists, neurology, endocrinology, genetics, etc. (which will be educated in comprehensive health care for these people) and nutritionists (involved in the creation of an appropriate diet plan), psychologists , teachers, special education teachers (all to deal with psychological difficulties and planning appropriate occupational therapy and rehabilitation of these people). The team will include representatives of the parents of these children, in order to tackle the education of all difficulties that these people meet at home. In cooperation with specialists of the partner country, Germany, the plan is to create a network-connection of appropriate profiles of experts that would cooperate with each other after completion of the project in order to update their knowledge and share experiencesconstantly. A prerequisite for the establishment of a regional center for acceptance of these patients involves creating and educating the team of experts ready to fight with all aspects of the problems of the children. It would bring great benefit for persons providing them with healthy, longer life, and for the parents and close family releasing them from the constant concern and struggle for their child’s life.

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