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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project will be promoted by pela EFTA - Escola de Formação Profissional em Turismo de Aveiro, Lda., founded in the year2006 and currently the only school in the region dedicated exclusively to the areas of Tourism and Leisure and Hospitality and Food&Beverage. With this new project EFTA wants to pursue its goals included in the educational project and strategic plan of internationalization and capacitation/employability, promotion of tourism and leisure and organizational learning. The participants of this project will be 16 trainees to complete curricular training lasting 11 weeks and 6 recent graduates, to complete Professional Internship with the duration of 14 weeks that belong to the vocational training courses of Level 4 in the areas of Tourism, Food&Beverage and Hospitality. The mobility period contemplates the sending of 4 Accompanying Persons (1 per flow of participants) for 2 days. This will be due not so much due to the young age of the participants, but mainly due to the need for greater integration of the school with its International Partners and with the European Labour Market, to allow an upgrading to the level of innovation and quality. The programme of job shadowing will last for five days allowing the sending of 4 trainers of the technical areas and 2 professional of the school management departments, with the missions of peer training and of building of bridges with the schools with which EFTA can open dialogues and exchanges on a permanent basis. The countries of destination are: Austria, United Kingdom, Italy, Luxembourg and Spain. In terms of certification all participants will receive the Training Certificate of EFTA, Internship Certificate, Language Course Certificate and ECVET. The main NEEDS of the target group are: ▶ Create opportunities for publics with problematic socio-economic situations ▶ Reverse dropout trends and school failure ▶ Strengthening social and personal skills ▶ Creating curiosity to get to know and contact with different people and cultures ▶ Improve the knowledge of the languages taught in the School and raise awareness to learn more languages ▶ Qualify and certify human resources in the sector of tourism and leisure The General OBJECTIVES are: - ENCOURAGE TRAINEES TO BE ENGAGE IN THEIR OWN TRAINING - ENSURE A QUALITY TRAINING, THAT MEETS THE TRAINEES AND THE CIVIL SOCIETY - CREATE COOPERATION NETWORKS THAT THINK AND ACT ON TRAINING AND EMPLOYABILITY The IMPACTS expected in the TRAINEES AND FORMER TRAINEES are: ▶ Integration of trainees and former trainees in the labor market after the end of the course / mobility ▶ Believe without fear in new horizons, which bring better working prospects, especially at an international level ▶ Renewed pleasure in contacting with other cultures and nationalities ▶ Increase ability in the intercultural contact ▶ Greater love for the learning process and for sharing experiences, transmission of that same love to other students / young people ▶ Enjoy the professional field of work ▶ Acknowledgment of the need for a constant technical and professional growth (lifelong training) ▶ Appreciation of the internationalization experience as positive in the developing of their personal and professional skills IMPACTS expected in the STAFF: ▶ Increase the teaching competences of the teachers ▶ Increase the ability to work, extending their active involvement in the promotion of the School ▶ Closeness to the mission, values and identity of EFTA ▶ Increase ability to work in teams (in-person and at a distance) and in interdisciplinary and multicultural environments ▶ More motivation to invest at the level of quality and excellence ▶ Adoption of continuous assessment habits and systematic review of procedures and training contents ▶ Explore realities, practices and tourism and leisure trends, at the European and international level in the classroom ▶ Use of mobility and globalization as instruments to convey sense to learning languages and intercultural experiences LOCAL and REGIONAL IMPACTS ▶ Any contribution that can be given to the development of Aveiro municipality and the central region, will also contribute to the development of the country, thus having the achievement of this project also an impact at a NATIONAL LEVEL. EUROPEAN AND INTERNATIONAL IMPACTS ▶ Quality of the training offer and of the output profile guaranteed by the Vocational Training, able to meet the market needs ▶ Closeness of ties between schools in Tourism and Leisure field ▶ Regular interexchange and dialogue that will originate new projects and visions of the Common Europe ▶ Contribution to achieve in Portugal and in Europe the 2020 Objectives, specially the reduction of the school dropout and the university attendance, which are reflected in the employment and poverty rates, as well as in the innovation.
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