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Improving quality of life through promotion and development of cultural resources of the Gotse Delchev and Kratovo region and turn into atractive Art center
Start date: Aug 16, 2011, End date: Aug 16, 2012 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project will directly promote the region as a destination for art-tourism(combination of recreation, training and seminar in painting, woodcarving, photography,making crafts from natural materials).These soft activities are naturally continuation of two projects funded by CBC BG-MAC 2006 which was built the necessary infrastructure (square,visitor center and public wc in Delchevo).Implementation of the project will lay the groundwork for transforming the region into a center of art community and their appearances (plainairs,exhibitions,art festivals),which will increase his repeated visits.The partnership between the Municipality and Kratovo and TFPF is based on common policies guided by them and a vision for the region-its promotion,preservation,protection, development and sustainable use of cultural resources.The project will create conditions for sustainable income and quality of life of local peoples and new perspectives for the development of individuals. Achievements:  4 Trainings and Planners in village of Delchevo (Bulgaria) were held with over 100 participants;  Over 190 works were created – paintings, woodcarvings, high quality photos and souvenirs prepared from natural materials; 4 Public presentations of the results of Planners were held (1 in Delchevo and 3 in Gotse Delchev); 2 Press conferences (Initial and Final) were held in Gotse Delchev; 1 planer in painting with 24 participants from Macedonia and Bulgaria in Kratovo (Macedonia); 1 planer in photography with 20 participants from Macedonia and Bulgaria in Kratovo (Macedonia); 4 signs with project information (3 in Bulgaria and 1 in Macedonia) were placed; 14 publications with information about the events in medias (12 in Bulgaria an 2 in Macedonia) were published and broadcasted; 4000 brochures with best works from planer in painting and 4000 brochures with best works from planer in photography in Kratovo were issued; 6000 brochures with best works from trainings and planners in Bulgaria (painting, photography, carving, preparation souvenirs from natural materials) were issued; 4000 post cards; 2000 project brochures were issued; developed and functioning web site (
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  • 2007 - 2013 Bulgaria - Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia IPA CBC (BG-FYROM)
  • Project on KEEP Platform
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