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Improving our skills for an European Education
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Cantely Secondary School is in Dos Hermanas, Seville, Spain. Nowadays. Cantely has 460 students and 35 teachers. Our students are from a hard beaten social sector, the economical crisis has affected the builder Workers and factories related to this area. Out of 120 pupils beginning these studies, a 36% leave the School without finishing their Secondary period. A 7% of them end without getting the title, and only a 50% study higher studies.This situation is sometimes made worse due to the bad socio-cultural situation and lack of resources, and unfortunately the families can´t help their children in their studies. In Cantely we try to create a pleasant atmosphere, Paying attention to the most needed. We want them to have the best opportunities to work their talents, having equal opportunities in education. Our social contribution implies a continuous training, investigating and innovating. Our objective is to get a quality education, establishing proper condition to have equal opportunities and helping them in international and intercultural aims. This project answers to these needs in this way: -Two update language courses to develop communicative competence in English so they can interact with their students in class. -Two courses with visits to schools (Finland and Iceland) to experience a strong school culture, observe innovative techniques and collaborative learning, network, form eTwinning groups, … The visit study will also provide opportunities to work with teachers and experts from several European universities. -Two innovative methodological courses taught in English, one of them on empathy to help teachers improve communication, reduce stress, reach and connect with students, parents and/or colleagues. In order to use empathy as a means of adding quality to regular lessons, to motivate students to participate in class activities, reducing the rate of absenteeism and dropout among students. The other course on the application of interactive games to improve teaching: aims to provide them with practical ideas for teachers to increase motivation for students and create a pleasant, efficient and attractive environment. -A course on entrepreneurship, development of activities for the management and coordination of projects with a European dimension , entrepreneurship core competence. Once approved the project, a protocol collecting all the necessary elements will take place, once the different participant mobilities have been made, relevant mechanisms are available to transmit information and practical documentation to other teachers, and actions aimed at the implementation of all new contributions to enable the development of these good practices are carried out.The preferred methodology will be based on project works as it is multidisciplinary and facilitates cooperation between teachers, students, families, ... encouraging use of eTwinning as the main tool of international task. The expected main impact is greater motivation by the students, reducing the dropout rate, equal opportunities, and opening their minds to the importance of internalization for a better future. As teachers, increasing their educational and work recognition, a pleasant work environment, collaborative, innovative, optimistic and pursuit of excellence. Our challenge in a short and long term is to become a cooperative multilingual center with centers of other nations, with european dimension, creative and innovative, incorporating good educational practices , and where everyone involved in the process of learning to the best of each.
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