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Improving of Key Supporting Services for Young Innovators across Central Europe (InoPlaCe)
Start date: Apr 30, 2011, End date: Apr 29, 2014 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Young innovators are important potential driving force for the innovation in regions of Central Europe, but as the matter of fact their potential is used in a very limited amount. It is also considered that their needs for support are particularly the same as for other Innovators; particularly they are faced with specific issues according to their experiences, knowledge, social inclusion etc.The project idea was born because of a high demand for services supporting the innovation activities within private companies, RTDs or even idea owners. To advise is however not so simple as lot of services are not provided directly. Other important point in generation of the project idea was that most problems in finding the right solution for required needs have young talents, young entrepreneurs, and researchers. InoPlaCe project is therefore trying to improve, based on the transnational cooperation of relevant actors, the framework conditions for innovation targeted to the specific end beneficiaries – Young Innovators. Achievements: The transnational partnership of the InoPlaCe project took further steps to improve the conditions for young innovators across CENTRAL EUROPE territory. After drawing regional maps showing how the needs and expectations of young innovators are covered in the eight participating regions, the project experts started the benchmarking process and good practice identification in order to lay down the basis for real-life improvements of the supporting services required by the target group of young people with innovative ideas and entrepreneurial spirit. The benchmarking experts elaborated the graphical demonstration of gained results clearly presenting the performance of partner regions in relation to the key supporting services operation. The findings of the benchmarking exercise are summarized in the Comparative Study which has been made available for the young innovators and other stakeholders. The Comparative study findings reveal that there is significant and complex know-how across participating Central European regions on supporting young innovators, business start-ups, capitalization of R&D results and innovative project development, yet, there are regional disparities which must be bridged by the good practices transfer and services improvements based on the proven working examples from InoPlaCe regions. Thus, the existing gaps in support for young innovators must be filled in through Good practices transfer so that the available knowledge sources are translated into tangible improvements in all participating regions. For the identification of the good practices to be included into a comprehensive compendium and later on transferred within the pilot actions, following features were taken into consideration:practical impact of the service; interrelation of the service with other services already present in the given region; experience of the provider; affordability aspect; sectorial affiliation of the service in the regional context and its transferability into specific regional frameworks. Some of the good practices suitable for cross-regional transfer were already identified and a comprehensive compendium has been drafted. The findings of the benchmarking together with the identified good practices will be now incorporated into the Transnational Action Plan which will set course of further actions dedicated to the improvement of conditions in which the young innovators in Central Europe operate. Additionally, the available information on the key supporting services have been gathered and will be made available via the InoPlaCe online platform for young innovators, whose functionality is being designed. Project partners took continuous efforts to give the project visibility and attended various thematic events where they provided information about the InoPlaCe and its value added for young innovators.

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