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improving international communication skills and building up a local strategy for international affairs - kansainvälisten kommunikaatiotaitojen parantaminen ja paikallisen kansainvälisyysstrategian tekeminen.
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

During this two-year period we focus on developping our school in international relations and activities, in practising entrepreneurship and preparing the students for the working life nationally and internationally. All the planned courses and job shadowing periods for the teachers and especially for the headmaster aim at these goals. The foreign language competences improve, mostly English and French, but other languages as well according to other participants on the courses. Marjaana Taipale brings in new competence of expressing yourself in different cultures. Also competence in intercultural situations. These will be in use staright forward in our several projects. Sirpa Autio is brinning quality info about creating a project, carrying it through and eminating the result. She will collect tools with which our project working is to be changed into ordinary school work as well. Headmaster Ulla Valkola familiarizes herself with colleaques in European schools brinning in new info about planning, organizing resources and teaching arrangements, This opens up international discussion in the administration level of our local educational system. Elena Savolainen will collect all the cooperative activities that we are having at the moment and in the future with our French twinschool in several school subjects. She will take the role of an organizer and go-between. Her stay at the French school is apt to start the cooperation smoothly. Nina Henriksson will be able to bring in the different ways used in other countries for the students to be heard in schools. These methods will be put in the strategies for international activities we are working on at the monet
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