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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Nowadays there are a lot of problems in education, students are not motivated, teachers get discouraged and there are weak results in the students' performance. Perhaps part of the problem is the lack of understanding of what really motivates students. According to sociological studies, the current school environment has a poor setting for the professional work and it often seems to work against the teachers' best efforts to grow professionally and improve student learning. Teachers' attitude is crucial to the success of in-depth curricular innovation. A "radical rethinking" of professional development encouraging teachers' growth has to be done. Teachers must have the opportunities to try out new practices by taking new roles and creating a culture of inquiry. The staff development also means "providing occasions for teachers to reflect crtically on their practice and to fashion new knowledge and beliefs about content, pedagogy and learnes". Motivation is optimized when the person is engaged in the task for his own reason rather than in response to external pressure, the task must be of appropriate level of challenge and there must be a sufficient choice. Research has shown that good teaching practices can do more to offset student indifference than extraordinary efforts to attack motivation directly. Most students react positively to a well-organized lesson taught by an enthusiastic and motivated teacher who has an authentic interest in students and what they are learning. This in order to generate an atmosphere that is open and positive. It is increasingly evident that the educational methods we have been using for the past 70 years are no longer sufficient. Teachers are used to taking part in several training courses specific fo their subject and they are at local, regional or national level. They new something new and with a high impact in their professioal development. for this reason we have decided to apply for individual mobility under Erasmus plus programme. The ais is focused on the transfer, improvement and update of competences and of innovative methods and practices in the field of education. the project promotes transnational cooperation in the field of multilingual curricular education and training so as to promote the transfer of specific competencies and the dissemination of up-to-date teaching methodologies targeted to the specific didactic contexts of CLIL (content and language integrated learning) approaches. It also aims at facilitating and increasing teachers'mobility, which holds out the prospect of a stronger European dimension to teaching, and improving the quality of education and training systems through the adoption of innovative solutions which may grant the students up-to date training withe reference to the skills and competencies required by the European labor market. The needs of the participans are to improve the professional and linguistc skills and to be trained in the innovative methodologies in teaching with CLIL methodology. During their mobility the teachers will study English or Spanish and they will visit some schools to understand the Educational System of the foreign countries and to improve their knowledge about the different teaching methodologies. The relevance of the project for the professional and personal development of teachers is the possibility to tke part in a mobility action, with all the accompanying measures needed to improve the necessary skills to work successfully in the knowledge society. The participants will be involved in the dissemination and implementation of the results an in guidance at local level in schools. The participants will be 30 spread in 2 school years. The 2 week period is enough to know the new cotnext, to develop new skills, to improve the foreing language and in this way they will not cuase a big standstill on the school activities. The mobility is going to be spread during the school years 2015/2016 and 2016/2017 in England, Ireland and Spain. The expected impact on teachers will be to create new interest and motivation in learning foreing languages and teaching with CLIL methodologyt together with a renewed enthusisms in their profession.

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