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Improvement of the quality and access to social services in the municipalities of Strumyani and Karbinci (S.-C.A.R.E)

The project envisages the establishment of new social services within the communities – Protected House for elderly people with mental disabilities in the village of Razdol (Strumyani) and a kindergarten with ability to welcome children with special needs in the village of Tarinci (Karbinci). These old people need professional rehabilitation and contacts with each other to overcome isolation were included in everyday life of the community. Children with special needs that cannot be fulfilled in a regular kindergarten as a result of the project were included in the education system. Established centres contribute to social inclusion of those disadvantaged groups as for the exchange of knowledge between professionals in the social sphere of the border region.
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  • 85%   424 534,51
  • 2007 - 2013 Bulgaria - Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia IPA CBC (BG-FYROM)
  • Project on KEEP Platform
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