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IMPROVe your life
Start date: Jan 12, 2015, End date: Sep 12, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

“IMPROVe your Life” is a mobility project for youth workers. With it, we address the following problem: the low attractiveness and efficiency of the methods and tools used by the youth workers in order to develop competencies that make young people competitive enough for the labour market. Therefore, the aim of our project is to train and empower youth workers to use improvisational theatre as an innovative tool to increase young people’s employment chances. Our four objectives in reaching this aim are: Goals: 1. To support the aquisition of knowledge, skills and atittudes in improvisational theatre method for 21 youth workers from 7 countries, during the project period. 2. To increase the capacity of 21 youth workers from 7 countries to innovate and improve their working methods with principles and tools from improvisational theatre. 3. To develop the capacity of 21 participants from 7 countries to offer improvisational theatre activities and programs that better respond to the needs of youth in their countries. 4. Strengthen the cooperation and international exchange of good practices in the field of youthwork among 21 youth workers from 7 countries. The project is based on the partnership with organizations from 7 countries: Romania, Italy, Norway, Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Greece. The period we implement the project lasts from January to August 2015 (8months), in the middle of the period realizing the main activity – a training course between 20th and 27th of April, in Nadasel, a village close to Cluj Napoca. During the project we focus on the topics of: innovative educational activities and learning environments, youth unemployment, interdisciplinary approach, international cooperation. In this project will take part 25 persons: 21 youth workers (education practitioners, teaching artists, facilitators and teachers), 2 trainers and 2 support persons, . The training has a homogeneous and varied program based on the methodology of non-formal education and improvisational theatre. We will approach the development and empowerment of the youth workers working with the body, emotions and creativity. The visibility, logistics, and practical aspects of the training will be carried on by 2 support persons. The activities will be facilitated by 2 experienced international trainers. During the program, they will create a group learning process, starting in the first day with interaction and team building sessions. After the group is built, the participants will continue to expand their comfort zone, challenging their bodies and minds through improvisation. They will go deeper in the method of improvisational theatre, discovering the principles and the competences needed for improvising, and their process will culminate with an empowering and motivational phase. Simultaneously, through facilitated debates, they will find the connection between improvisational theatre as an art and as an educational method. Empowered, they will create innovative activities and they will facilitate them for the youth in the local community, during the local event. After the event, we pass in the second phase of the project, when the participants will address the needs of the youth, focusing on the dimension of employability. In the next part of the process, they will exchange good practices and practical examples of varied methods they use in their work. This is the context where new ideas and further projects are welcomed to appear. The large palette of the methods makes this program attractive and complex: teambuilding games, trust activities, improvisation games, reflection, role-playing, outdoor activities, brainstorming, presentations, the local event. The participants, the partner organizations and the target groups will benefit from the impact of our project. The participants will develop motivation and competencies in using improvisational theatre and other innovative methods in youth work, they will design new methods and they work will become more qualitative, as their professional path. The more innovative our partner organizations will become after this project, the more sustainable they become. And their youth work activity will be validated as realistic and adapted to the need of youth. The target group, instead (the youth from Cluj Napoca local community and the youth from the partner countries) will take part in higher qualitative development programs which will prepare them better to become more competitive on the labour market. The training we create for the local youth workers , will create a community with shared ideas and values, and will build a space for potential other intitiatives. The project will impact Dreams for Life, growing the visibility of the organization as a trustworthy provider of educational services.
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