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Improve social & life skills of young people
Start date: Dec 1, 2011,

The main aim of 8 days training course Improve social & life skills of young people especially coming from divided communities and/or facing social exclusion and stigmatization is to develop communication (verbal and non-verbal) and life skills (conflict management, leadership, creativity, ability of critical thinking) of youth workers and youth leaders that are working with young people facing obstacles and difficulties: coming from minority background, divided societies, facing long-term unemployment, belong to social marginalized groups. The main goal of the training course is to improve quality of youth work and providing services not just in directly involved organizations, but through dissemination and exploitation activities shared the lessons learned with organization facing similar challenges and obstacles. 24 participants will have an opportunity through discussions, creative learning exercises, simulations and integrated sport activities that are providing better understanding of team work and conflict situations to improve their skills necessary for work with youngsters coming from different backgrounds and leading youth organization in way to provide good services to young people, to develop their social and life skills and to contribute to change in their local communities. The training course will connect youth workers and leaders coming from Macedonia, Kosovo, Serbia, Bulgaria, Germany, Portugal, Turkey, Hungary, Italy, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russia, and it will take place in Struga, Macedonia.

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