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Start date: 01 Sep 2016, End date: 31 Aug 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The present project has been conceived in order to improve the quality of the education offered by our institution. It continues and completes a larger number of developed projects that are part of the institution’s strategy to reduce the early school leaving and absence and to increase the psychical and physical safety of the pupils in the institution.The main objective of the project is to perfect a number of 13 teachers by taking part to three courses abroad, during the period 2016 – 2017.The specific objectives of the project are:1. The perfectioning of a number of 5 teachers from the school by means of a training course of 10 days developed in Malta, in May 2017;2. The perfectioning of a number of 3 teachers from the school by means of a training course of 5 days developed in Greece, in June 2017;3. Involvement in training activities of a number of 5 teachers from the school by taking part to a training course of 5 days in Portugal, in July 2017;4. Reducing with 5% the early school leaving in the school by the end of 2018;5. Increasing with 5% the promotion rate within the pupils of the school by the end of 2018 by increasing their involvement and motivation;6. Reducing with 10% the number of conflicts started by the pupils of the school during the following two school years.The project shall develop during three stages:1. During the stage of preparing and writing the project there has been performed a SWOT analysis in order to identify the main needs of the institution. After identifying the need for training the teachers and identifying the main training domains (communication and mediation of conflicts, inclusive education and new teaching - learning techniques and methods), there have been chosen the courses suppliers, the courses and there took place the selection process. This was a fair, transparent and non-discriminating process. After evaluating the files there have been selected a number of 13 teachers that teach at various levels (pre-school, primary and middle school) and they have different specializations. Therefore the project team is made up of: a pre-school teacher, 5 elementary teachers, a Geography teacher, a History one, a Chemistry one, a French one, a Mathematics one and two Romanian teachers. Considering the linguistic training, two of them have A3 level, 3 have B1 level, 5 have B2 level and 3 have B3 level.2. During the implementation stage, after the approval of the project, there shall start the linguistic preparation of the participants, their cultural and pedagogical training. There shall be began training activities of the movement (accommodation, transportation, insurances, etc.).These activities shall develop under three formation currents, as it follows:- Five teachers shall take part to the training course “Harmony and learning – Promoting harmony through class management and mediation technique to reduce early school leaving”, organized by Edu2Grow Association, in Senglea locality, Malta, during the period 08.05.2017–17.05.2017. This course proposes to present to the participants conflict negotiation and mediation instruments, to develop the communication abilities and understanding of the interculturality;- Three teachers shall take part to the training course “Inclusive education: tackling with classroom diversity and early school leaving” organized by IDEC S.A., during the period 05.06.2017– 09.06.2017, in Glyfada locality, Greece. This course proposes to develop to the teachers the competences to understand and identify themselves with the pupils with learning difficulties and to assimilate different teaching – learning techniques in order to answer to the individual needs of the pupils.- Five teachers shall take part to the training course “Outdoor education for all!” organized by European Learning Network Ltd., during the period 17.07.2017–21.07.2017 in Sintras locality, Portugal. This course proposes to offer the teachers new teaching techniques and strategies that shall use a less conventional framework: the environment, increasing the amenity of the classes and the pupils’ motivation to come to school.3. During the follow-up stage there shall take place activities of dissemination and assessment, pursuant to DEOR Plan and the Assessment Plan elaborated during the writing stage.The desired impact following the performance of these activities is: the improvement of the personal competences and personal and professional abilities of the teachers (linguistic abilities, communication and cooperation, competences of using the computer, of implementing some new teaching – learning techniques and methods, of identifying the pupils with learning difficulties and adapting the didactic process to their needs).The desired impact upon the pupils and the institution is the growth of the school population, the growth of the school prestige in the community, the increase of the pupupils’ interest towards the school.
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