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Implicare activa pentru calitate, eficacitate si echitate in invatamantul superior medical
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Jan 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Based on a study conducted by the Association for Development and Social Inclusion in 2011 called " Health and Non-Discrimination" students from the Faculty of Medicine of Iaşi recognized that in the health system in Romania discrimination exists and it affect access groups vulnerable to public health services . The study shows that medical students do not know how to identify discrimination and are not trained in school to prevent it. The Association for Development and Social Inclusion has developed a graduate course "Ethics and non - discrimination of vulnerable groups in the health system " paving its introduction into the curriculum of five Universities and Faculties of Medicine in Romania ( Cluj Napoca , Iasi, Tirgu Mures , Bucharest and Sibiu ) . The main goal of this project is to improve the active participation of 50 students, from five universities and Faculties of Medicine of Romania ( Iasi, Targu Mures, Cluj Napoca, Faculty of Medicine in Bucharest and Sibiu ) in the democratic process of their universities with the purpose of increasing the quality , efficiency and equity of medical higher education by promoting human rights in health care . To achieve the project goals , the Association for Development and Social Inclusion will develop and implement specific activities with students to engage them in activities that promotes human rights within the decision-making process which affects directly in their universities. Students selected will participate in a national meeting with decision makers from their universities that will have as theme the importance of active participation in their own universities to adopt innovative policies and sustainable in terms of improving equity and quality in medical higher education . National workshop will contain information about the democratic process and legislation and will train the students to use methods on how to use the suitable tools to approach the leading councils. They will receive detailed information about the importance of a structured and sustainable dialogue with policy makers and of the importance of their active participation in all activities of the university , for better exercise democratic involvement in the social life of their own community . This will be achieved through formal and non formal education (workshops , role play , analysis and interpretation contests , forum theater , analysis of cases of discrimination , educational films ) . National Workshop is a structured dialogue between students and policy makers to discuss issues and topics in their human rights in their universities and the possibility of establishing new policies inclined towards promoting inequalities in healthcare and Universities makers and professionals and experts invited to better understand the views and needs of young people . Following national meeting , students will outline a strategy document which will include issues of human rights met at local level and also possible measures that will be supported by ADIS and promoted by students later in the Universities to be adopted by the University Senate . Impact of the project will make a relevant medical universities participating in empowering young people to affirm and to debate public issues of common interest in the field of human rights and discrimination situations encountered in the health system. The project will be a model of good practice in the promotion of human rights and diversity in health due to its transparent and innovative in terms of human rights, European citizenship and promoting anti- discriminatory measures . Local multiplier effects of the project lies in its ability to disseminate information acquired during the course of project activities , as follows: - Increased transparency and responsiveness to students within universities ; - skills acquired by the young people involved in the project , emphasizes and reinforces the multiplication and expansion of the results; - Attracting other groups interested in the project in the development of non-formal education activities and promote cultural diversity.
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