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Implementing Youth Work Values and Vision - Role of a Youth Worker in Refugee Crisis
Start date: Aug 1, 2016, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project is a training course that will bring together 24 professional and voluntary youth workers plus 2 traininers (Finnish, Irish), to work in a non-formal setting on the topic of "role of a youth worker in refugee crisis". The need for such training activity comes from a shared and expressed concern of our partnership and individual youth workers. The 8-day training course will approach the topic of refugee crisis from the "personal and professional values of individuals" point of view. The partnership feels that it is crucial to build such value based understanding and foundation, before youth workers can truly and decisively take action, create methodologies and approaches where the young people (that our participants work with) can start to approach the fast changes and ambiguity caused by the refugee crisis in a positive and constructive way, rather than having conflicting and radicalized responses. In short, the context is that we believe that a supporter of young people in these positive processes needs to be able to comfortably approach the subjects on personal / professional level, before they can authentically, implement such activities for their young people.The concrete objectives of the project will be to:- Explore the topic of refugee crisis in order to support participants to gain a clear understanding of the core values underpinning youth work and have the opportunity to relate these to their individual values.- Create a supportive space where the participants have an opportunity to share and discuss if the current response to the refugee/migrant crisis has resulted in ambiguous and contradictory interpretations of local / national / EU values.- Competence development of participants in relation to understanding of conflict – its causes and effects, and having the opportunity to further develop their skills in responding to conflict through the constructive use of conflict in diverse situations.The project has one main activity, "Implementing youth work values and visions - Role of a youth worker in refugee crisis" -Training course, an 8-day training course / seminar in Hyvärilä youth centre, Nurmes, Finland, bringing together 24 participants supported by 2 trainers, from 8 countries (Finland, Slovenia, Italy, Spain, Greece, Ireland, Portugal, France) from 19th - 26th of September 2016. The venue, Hyvärilä Youth Centre, offers a great combination of an ideal working environment and inspiring nature surroundings. Preparations (as described in before in the application), will start in August 2016, coordinated by Hyvärilä coordinator and the team of trainers (Irish & Finnish trainers experienced in the field setting up the flow).The methodology of the course will be based on the principles of non-formal learning and learning to learn (self-directed learning). The methodology is aiming to bring together the knowledge, experiences and approaches of the individual participants, also taking in to consideration their personal needs and preferences in the learning process. This means that the program is adapted on the go, based on the requests and expectations of the participants, yet keeping the general aim and focus of the training intact. The different cultural, organisational and educational backgrounds of the participants will be seen as an important source for learning and further development. The programme will combine (small) group work, individual and peer-time, short inputs by the trainers and a wide variety of methods and tools to guarantee that different styles of learning will be met. The training course will allow a specific opportunity and space to develop value based youth work action plans on individual and organisational level (stratetig planning) that we hope to be put in to practice as a direct consequence of the training course in the participants / organisations local realities. These action plans (supported by the learning from the training course) will especially have the focuses creating impact on the the attitudes and actions of young people and local communities the participants work in. Underlining factors will producing approaches positive / constructive dialogue and inclusion of refugee (young) people as a part of the local level youth work and community living. As a direct impact of these action plans created, we foresee the following benefits for the target groups the participants work with (young people):- Young people, regardless of their status, nationality or the values they hold, will be treated in an inclusive manner by a youth & community sector which upholds its core values in the delivery of services to all young people.- Young people will be in a position to grow and develop in a Europe which embraces diversity and promotes equality of opportunity and inclusion for all people, and in particular for those who are vulnerable in society.

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