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Implementing tools and policies for quality work at institutional level
Start date: Jan 15, 2010,

Wider ojective of this project is to facilitate introduction of modern policies and tools for quality assurance on the level of HEI in Belarus, Ukraine and Uzbekistan which are compliant with ENQA documents and promote cooperation among the involved countries in providing acccess to modern high quality programs . This will be achieved through:Developing capacity of universities and public bodies from Belarus, Ukraine and Uzbekistan in modern policies and tools for quality assurance in higher education and researchFacilitating involvement of students and externa partners in quality work at universitiesDeveloping policy documents and introduce QA tools for various levels of education and researchDeveloping recommendations on cooperation with the external partners for securing quality of higher educationIncreasing awareness among various target groups on modern policies and tools in Quality assurance in various cycles including doctorate studiesThe project will be implemented during the period of 3 years by the consortium of universities from Belarus, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Sweden, Spain, Italy and Estonia. Such composition of the consortium enables access to different tools, approaches and experiences.

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