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Implementation of widespread IC design skills in advanced deep submicron technologies at European Academia (IDESA)
Start date: 01 Dec 2007, End date: 30 Nov 2010 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The sole purpose of the proposed IDESA Support Action is to develop and make available didactic training material on the design flow for integrated circuits for advanced deep sub-microntechnologies, free of intellectual property rights, for the benefit of European academia. The goal is to make sure that academia can close the widening gap between the current state-of-the-artat the modal European academy and the state-of-the-art in leading industry. This proposal does not have a scientific research component and, except for perhaps academic recognition, it does not bring benefit to any of the project partners.Training will be organised in class-based hands-on sessions and advanced seminars usingstate-of-the-art multimedia technology over the web or on DVD.There will be a road show of 4 different advanced implementation courses that will tour different sites in Europe. Each of these courses will be repeated 7 times, to reach a significant proportion of the more than 600 European academia. This will bring the universities to a more advanced level of implementation skills to start engaging in 65-nm and 45-nm issues.The consortium will build a portfolio of 32 public domain didactic seminars, addressing issues that are not addressed in the design flow courses but that will start to be of dominant importance for the 65-nm and 45-nm generation design flows. This seminar portfolio will be supplemented with fully documented didactic lab exercise-material that can be reused free of intellectual property rights in the curricula of European engineering students.This proposed European-scale Support Action will help to disseminate quickly the necessary knowledge and skills, reducing by many orders of magnitude the total effort that would be neededif the European universities had to cope with new design problems and had to master new designtechniques and tools individually and independently.
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