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Implementation of ECVET for qualification design in sanitation and water loss management

The project “Implementation of ECVET for qualification design in sanitation and water loss management (EC-AQUA)” is executed within the Lifelong Learning Programme Leonardo da Vinci, measure Transfer of Innovation.EC-AQUA approach is developed by a consortium of partners from four countries: NIS-SU (Bulgaria), Intellect Foundation (Bulgaria), South East Europe Media Organization/SEEMO (Austria), Prof. Balan Interuniversity Research Center (Bulgaria), Institut National des Sciences Appliquées/INSA (France), and ERBIL Project Consulting Engineering (Turkey).They have wide experience in the EU programming development and capacity, expertise and competence for the success of the EC-AQUA measures.EC-AQUA addresses the apparent problem of insufficient transparency of qualifications at both national and international level. In the context of ever increased complexity of modern education, EC-AQUA aims to promote the EU Workspace concept through an approach supporting transparency of certificates and qualifications for transferability of competence.EC-AQUA activities are focused on the application of the ECVET specifications in Sanitation and Water Loss Management sector to develop a working scheme for transparency, transfer and recognition of learning outcomes as building blocks of competence development. This is achieved on the basis of PROWAT TR/06/B/F/PP/178065 project, upgraded, innovated in content and widespread in new sectoral and geographic areas.
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