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Implementation of Agenda 21 in schools
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The main aim of this project is to try to implement in our different schools the idea and the philosophy of the Agenda 21. The best place to spread and bring into force this idea and the recommendations of the UN must be schools, because education and children are the best way to change the world. We will join a trend - the school and local agenda 21 movement- that have been put into practice in some regions all around the world. The “Agenda 21” is a concept created by the United Nations in the 1990´s with the slogan -“think globally and act locally”. This idea tries to promote sustainable development and environmental protection in our town council, in our region and in our school. Each institution should have an “Agenda 21” to protect environment in a small scale. The European Union has signed recently (March 2013) an agreement in which it is shown the desire to enlarge the awareness of this idea and philosophy. Our task or objective is to create a conscience at both local and school level by implementing a final document of AGENDA 21 for our schools. This document will be a model for other schools and a turning point in the awarenes and active participation in the schools and local communities. The document will be included as a formal and official document in all our schools and it will be integrated with other existing normative, guidelines and rules. All the members of the strategic partnership will join the national ECO-SCHOOL association (some of them already belong to them) and we will carry out different and practical activities related to the items or issues that eco-schools work with: WASTE, LITTER, WATER, ENERGY, BIODIVERSITY, TRANSPORT, SCHOOL GROUNDS, HEALTH AND WELL-BEING AND SUSTANING OUR WORLD. Each one of the partners will lead the task related with these environmental aspects . We have focused in the first 5 issues to design practical activities, but the other remaining items are included in the so called MEDA´s (MAIN ENVIROMENTAL DIRECT ACTION). We will try to solve or improve a specific environmental problem in each community and the students will be an active part and they will prepare propossals and ideas to the councils, they will take part in meetings with local authorithies , etc. All the actions will be done in collaboration with local and academic authorities and will involve all the members of our scnhool: students, parents, staff, managamenet, caretakers, admission office, etc. We will implement online plataforms (BLOG, E-TWINNING, PHP TOOL) to work with, to share information and to produce documents and outputs. We will produce our own eco-audits and we will use those of ECO-SCHOOLS and other organizations involved with LOCAL OR SCHOOL AGENDAS 21 We will have two short term training courses about ECO - SCHOOLS and PHP implementation, because these are two main aspects of our project. We will have several mobility meetings, one in each country. The dissemination and desired impact of our project is very ambitious. We understand this project as an ongoing process that in a continuous and permanent way incorporates and change the philosophy, practices, environmental management and curricula of our schools. We try to be a model to other schools in the town and in the region. We already have the support of the Town Council and Regional authorities. They are looking forward to considering our school as a pioneer centre to the implementation of AGENDA 21 in the schools.
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