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Implementation och utveckling av eLearning, förbättrade språkkunskaper, förbättrat ledarskap, minskade studieavhopp samt ökad förståelse för främmande kulturer för ett bättre mottagande av elever inom Vuxenutbildningen i Karlshamn.
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project is essentially a continuation of our previous Erasmus + projects as well as a way to further develop other projects that we have started in our organization such as Sustainable Development (HBS) and various educational projects as our lead teachers are in. We also want to "work ahead" when it comes to future missions that the municipality has chosen to focus on, such as school drop outs, which will be Karlshamn Municipality's main mission for its education authority to work with in 2016. Here, we believe that we can get great help from others organizations in Europe and share their experiences and take part of available research. It has in recent years, and forecasts say it in the coming years will, come many new refugees to Sweden, and a large portion of these ends up in Blekinge and Karlshamn. We therefore want to become even better to meet these and have a greater understanding of the challenges they have when they come to a new country and a new culture. This also leads to that we have to get better at foreign languages, especially English, in order to communicate with these people before they have acquired sufficient knowledge of the Swedish language. We also want to get a better leadership and get better partnerships between the staff, and especially at the middle management level, where our coordinators has a big role. Therefore we choose to put a lot of effort to develop the skills of those at this stage to lay a solid foundation for the future and upcoming projects. It is also a goal that we can build on our previous Erasmus + projects and the introduction of a common learning platform for cooperation within the Gränslöst. A few of the teachers are today using our new eLearning portal, but you want to get all staff into the sytem and therefore need to further educate more people who can become that eLearning ambassadors. Those who have been away on training during our last project period do not have time to supervise all the rest of the staff, when interest in using the learning portal exceeded our expectations and we will therefore bring forward any training at 6-12 months from our original plan we had in the previous project. We also believe it is important that we reflect on the methodology we use and focus more on digital learning. As we approach the end date of the eLearning startup project, we will make a major evaluation, both for staff and students to see what they think about it, what needs improvement / change etc. We in Karlshamn Municipality and Vägga adult education has chosen to use the Erasmus+ project as part of the skills needed for our project. Our local goal is to safeguard the professional development of our staff and the organization itself. Since we have many students who do not have Swedish as their mother tongue, we also want to develop staff's language and cultural skills to meet our students in a professional and respectable manner. By investing in skills that staff are interested in, we get a more engaged organization, which we also believe rubs off on our students who then achieve better results and will further in their personal development. In Karlshamn, we have a large number of our students from other EU countries, which we view opens up opportunities to various European collaborations in the future. The staff that during the 2013-2015 Grundtvig and Erasmus+ projects has been on different courses has established contacts with teachers across large parts of Europe, where there now is a desire to be able to start up collaborations between schools in different countries, both for staff and students. We see that this project can definitely lay the foundation for such a project in the future, where for example the learning platform can be the basis for an international exchange.
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