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Implementácia nových trendov vo výchovno-vzdelávacom a riadiacom procese
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

We are the primary and secondary school with sport classes focused on ice-hockey. The school has got 27 teachers and 307 pupils. We provide general education and English language is taught from the third class. We are the region which Our school is also attended by several pupils from foreign countries, e.g. Russia, Bulgaria and Korea and also by several Roma-Children. We have chosen project for 1 year. The course will be attended by three teachers who teach English language and permanently seek for new innovative methods focused on the quality of the teaching and learning process. It would be great if we could attend two thematically different courses in various areas of the United Kingdom. Two school leadership employees are going to attend the course. Those employees are going to attend the course for school leadership in order to improve, innovate and develop their management skills. They would also like to attend the courses focused on pedagogical and language competencies which could be applied in the teaching and learning process. We suppose this model to be very beneficial because of the following reasons: - teachers´ permanent contact with foreign language, - to make new contacts and to fix mutual relationships with foreign colleagues, - broader view of gained knowledge (courses with various topics), - to fix and to actualize obtained competences, - the comparison of various dimensions of life, culture and education in several areas of the United Kingdom. The primary aim of the project is to exchange and compare our teaching experience with the colleagues from foreign countries and also to gain information about life and culture in English-speaking countries. Our aim is to apply obtained knowledge in our teaching practice in order to improve and enrich it. These courses will provide a large amount of useful materials, tips and inspirations which we will able to use in the teaching and learning process. After arrival our organization is going to arrange the meetings for teachers in order to inform them about the ways of teaching in foreign countries and to share new gained knowledge and skills with other colleagues. We also plan to promote the results of our partnership in local media. These courses help us to provide a lot of useful information and stimuli which can be further disseminated. We can inform school partners (founder, self-government, the schools in our region, parents community and school sponsors, various institutions and companies). The forms of realization: the article in the print local media, the report with photos on the Žilina website, the meeting with the local government, headteachers of other local schools and pupils´ parents in order to inform them about the results of the project. This knowledge and experience will be used in order to enrich and develop pupils´ communicative skills through various forms of communicative activities, such as role-plays, discussions, interlocutions and interviews. Through these activities the pupils have an opportunity to improve their pronounciation, grammar rules and lexis.

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