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Impariamo ad educare
Start date: Jul 1, 2014, End date: Jun 30, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The Social Cooperative " Insieme per crescere " deals with pursuing the general interest of the community , human development and social integration of citizens through socio-educational services . Our work focuses mainly on three fronts: 1 . socio -educational rehabilitation in children, adolescents and adults with disabilities; 2 . parent training for families who have one or more members with disabilities; 3 . training courses for teachers and therapists who work with children and adolescents with disabilities . Currently users disabled adults attend our organization who have left school , but have not yet acquired the needed tools to address cognitive and emotional self- inclusion. In these users cognitive problems remain that limit the areas of personal and social autonomy : lack of attention , working memory is insufficient, deficit of executive funtions. New problems related to adulthood arise: sexuality and the containment of aggression and other behaviors problems. Often these two aspects, sexuality and problem behaviors , sensory abnormalities are so closely related that family and professionals do not recognize and do not understand them. Our organization aims to develop the skills of staff in the following areas : 1 . improvement of language skills in English in order to facilitate contacts and cooperation with abroad cognitive enhancement centres ; 2 . development of knowledge about autism and Asperger's syndrome ; 3 . acquisition of new methods and tools for rehabilitation , with respect both to intellectual disability and the specific issues that arise in adults with autism and Asperger syndrome, in particular the management and control of sexuality and of seriously dysfunctional behavior , with special attention to the sensory abnormalities . 9 operators of our cooperative partecipate in the project : a secretary, a pedagogue / junior psychologist , three teachers, three psychologists , a clinical educator and the director of the center . While educators and educators are mostly involved in the educational treatment and rehabilitation of people with intellectual disabilities and cognitive- affective education of users with autism and Asperger syndrome, the three psychologists also take care of parent training for couples or groups of parents that have a disabled family member. The secretary is responsible for contacts with the public. We intend to involve staff in the following courses : 1 . training course for the consolidation and improvement of English language skills that foster contacts and collaborations with centers of cognitive enhancement abroad. We are interested in learning about the organization and operation of foreign organizations and import in our organization new approaches to intellectual disability . To make the most of this experience we believe that we have to prepare the staff from a linguistic point of view; 2 . training course on cognitive enhancement to acquire new strategies for intervention in the area of attention, working memory and cognitive functions to be applied to our users with intellectual disabilities ; 3 . training courses on sex education in subjects with autism and Asperger's syndrome in order to activate pathways of this type with both our users and external users ; 4 . training course on sensory abnormalities in order to activate programs for relaxation and rehabilitation. At the local level the desired impact is the ability to respond with competence and professionalism to the problems and needs of disabled users adults and their families , with particular reference to sex education and dysfunctional behaviors associated with sensory abnormalities . At the regional level we hope to organize training courses for families and other stakeholders on the issues at stake and to activate, in the case of Asperger adults , courses of education in sexuality , even outside our organization. At international level, our goal is to weave relationships and collaborations with centers similar to ours located abroad. This latter aspect that we hope will bring long-term benefits for our cooperative, through the importation of new models of organization / operation and new approaches to intellectual disability .
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