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Immigration through the lens of objectivity
Start date: Apr 2, 2012,

This training course aims to give young journalists from 17 countries a clear view of the issue of immigration from Southern Mediterranean into the European Union. In the context of the Arab uprising, this issue has become even more stringent for the EU and has challenged some of its main establishments. Young journalists from Germany, Belgium, Romania, Austria, Belarus, Poland, Malta, Latvia, France, Sweden, the Netherlands, Egypt, Tunisia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of Moldova, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Italy will meet in Malta to receive training from experts on the issue of immigration, as well as to discuss the topic honestly, shattering stereotypes and gaining a deeper understanding of it. The objectives of this training course are:• To examine the issue of immigration coming from the Southern Mediterranean into the European Union;• To provide young journalists with a clear understanding of the complexity of the issue;• To equip young journalists with the necessary knowledge to report objectively on the issue of immigration into the European Union.This 9 days' training course will combine training sessions on the topic and on production of different types of media, as well as open spaces where the participants will discuss openly the issue in their home countries and will exchange views on it. The participants will then work together in different media workshops to produce journalistic materials on the issue in discussion. This will give the project the necessary intercultural dimension of the training and will benefit the participants by giving them a deeper understanding of the cultures coming into play when it comes to this stringent issue. The resulted materials will be published by the different media outlets participating in the project as well as distributed to the communication channels of the other partner organisations.
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