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Immigrant Council of Ireland
Start date: Jun 13, 2009,

The aim of this voluntary placement in an independent law centre is to encourage the volunteer, who is from Ireland to gain a deeper awareness and understanding of the law and justice on a domestic, European and International level. As wwell as gaining practical insight into Human Rights law, the volunteer observed the activities and running of a law centre in a non-European country. The twelve-month project took place in Adalah, which is a not-for-profit, non-governmental law centre located in Haifa, Israel. The volunteer's main activities were in the legal and advocacy departments, where the volunteer helped conduct legal reserach on live legal issues affecting the Arab minority in Israel such as land rights; civil and political rights; cultural, social and economic rights; religious rights, womens rights and prisoners rif=ghts. The volunteer also heloed in the international advocacy department by assisting in international advocacy reports and activities.
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