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"IMAGINE. Interreligious Dialogue of youth as Instrument for overcoming conflicts"
Start date: Aug 1, 2015, End date: Mar 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

SOCIO-POLITICAL CONTEXT Three month after the terroristic attack in Paris, Europe faces internal conflicts from heterogeneus matrix. “Fortress Europe” is more and more fragile on all borders and try to maintain the status, building new barriers and empowering the barriers watch programms. International crisis around the Mediterranean Sea is tragic has many consequences and collateral effects. One of the worst is Social Exclusion that affects mostly Youth: withouth work perspectives (unemployment rate at european average is 11,3%; 42,6% in Italy; 4,8% in Germany says Eurostat March 2015 ) they are often and often subjects at social exclusion risk related with:: religion, poverty, social difficulties, relational difficulties. A possible solution exists, as we can read in the research made from EACEA “Youth Social Exclusion and Lessons from Youth Work”(2013): “fostering education and training […], fighting discriminatory practices by creating opportunities for real inclusion”(p.18). As we read in the ”Declaration on Promoting citizenship and the common values of freedom, tolerance and non-discrimination through education” made by the European Union Education Ministers Ministers, education is the main instrument to face international crisis and to spread high principles of freedom, democracy, inclusion and active citizenship. The title IMAGINE is linked with the song of John Lennon that dreams a world with no war and no conflicts where people of different colors and religion can live together. The idea is to create a multiaction project focused on interreligious issues, involving 78 participant from 6 different countries (Italy, France, Germany, Israel, Tunisia, Turkey) organising 2 activities in Poggiardo (Lecce): a Training Course and a Youth Exchange. The Training Course of 6 days in October 2015 that involves 30 Youth Workers with this objectives: - sharing good practices in the field of youth work especially on interreligious issues - find instruments to face new upcoming problems - sharing a common basement of non violent conflict resolution and overcoming - empower the professional profile of Youth Workers - building International Network Foreseen Impacts and outcomes: - get instruments to empower quality of youth work in the different countries - empower competences of the professional profile of Youth Workers - increase the capacity to trigger changes in terms of modernization and internalization within the organizations - increase the awareness concerning different cultures and religions - improve the capacity to address the activities in relation to the needs of the disadvantaged - enhance the opportunity of occupability and professional career The Youth Exchange of 8 days in november 2015 involving 48 participants from 6 different countries (Italy, France, Germany, Israel, Tunisia, Turkey) with this objectives: - foster youth protagonism - support the debate based on tolerance, freedom of speech and mutual comprehension - promote intercultural experiences - develop the culture based on peace and cohabitation of people Foreseen Impacts and outcomes: - increase social skills - acquire new intercultural and interreligious competences - improve knowledges concerning different cultures and religions - empower competences useful in the labour market - enhance self-esteem and self-confidence - increase the sense of initiative and entrepreneurship - promote the active citizenship The methodologies belong to the non-formal education category and includes role-play, brainstorming, simulation games, guided debates in small groups, use of ICT and digital technologies, with a particular focus on inclusion of people with fewer opportunities.
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