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Ilmiöpohjaisuuden kehittäminen sähköisissä oppimisympäristöissä
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Espoon Yhteislyseo Upper Secondary School has noticed a decrease in students' motivation as far as studies are concerned and they have not mastered the required electronic learning environments and tools necessary to cooperate with others in the future and take the electronic matriculation examinations. The teachers have decided to improve their teaching methods by creating a teamwork period (phenomenon-based learning) which would inspire students to cooperate in a new way and different subject teachers to work together and encourage everyone to use new electronic learning environments and tools. Social media (Facebook groups and blogs) and Fronter would be used for evaluation and as learning environents, but new applications and ideas are needed.The idea of the teamwork period is to combine different subjects (foreign languages, mother tongue, history, arts and religion) together around one phenomenon and give the students the power to decide what they are interested in and work together as a team to improve their learning techniques. The student teams will study the phenomenon from different perspectives with a weekly theme. The teams will be chosen with aptitude tests. The workshops will get together for one whole period with the instruction of different subject teachers and complete assignments using innovative electronic tools, instead of the traditional exam week. The students' work will be collected onto a shared web-environment and istructed/evaluated on Fronter. Self and peer evaluation will also be used actively. Foreign languages work well with history, arts and religion for this type of teamwork period because most of the students' work can be produced using different languages. The teamwork period will be piloted in the fall of 2015 and further developed in the fall og 2016 in order to make it a permanent part of the school curriculum.For phenomenon-based leraning to succeed in an electronic environment in the most interactive, motiviting and authentic way, Espoon Yhteislyseo Upper Secondary School need a European perspective, support and expertise. The teachers participating in the project want to brush up on their language skills, get information about the newest ICT tools and electronic learning environments and see for themselves how information technology and electronic tests are used in European schools. Thanks to the training and job shadowing experiences, Espoon Yhteislyseo Upper Secondary school hopes to get European parners of other upper secondary schools that are also interested in phenomenon-based learning and teamwork and willing to share knowledge in an electronic environment.

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