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Ηλεκτρολογικές εγκαταστάσεις σε ενεργειακά κτίρια
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The programme "Electrical installations in energy buildings" referring to BMS (Building Management Systems), which are systems that monitor and control the electromechanical installations of a building, with main reference to saving energy through the precise control of the monitored facilities. The work undertaken by the BMS system are the following: A. Heating, Ventilation, B. Ilektrostasio & lighting, C. Pump stations and reservoirs, D. Ancillary systems. Word of the widespread application of these systems we thought to design and implement the project with the Host Country Germany for 20 students. They attend classes in the areas of Engineering and Electrical Engineering. The plan came to meet the needs of participants for training and specialization in electrical installations in buildings energy in order to gain contact with industry professionals and gain experience for the exercise of their expertise and contact with actual working conditions. The electronic systems we can use in all refrigeration and air-conditioning installations, or for controlling machines (chillers or heat pumps) or for controlling appliances (fan coils, air handling units). They work like any classic, electronic automation. Receive digital or analog signals, process them through appropriate program and then trigger outputs, which in turn activate the various loads of machinery or apparatus, through appropriate relay (compressors, fans, water pumps, etc.). The educational needs which we sought to satisfy by the project were: - Acquiring competences and skills of how placement in an energy building electrical installations of the BMS system, - Recruitment of specialized knowledge in the field of manufacture of building energy to obtain increased employment chances, - Practical application of their knowledge in real working conditions, and their training is limited to theoretical training and applications only in laboratories in schools, - Workplace experience. The training program is designed according to the characteristics and to the satisfaction of reported needs of the participants in order to obtain the specialized knowledge required in respect of installations in energy buildings so that in combination with intakes practical skills and attitudes required by specialty them to become competitive and able to pursue and achieve their integration into the labor market. Moreover, the project is in direct relation and relevance to labor market needs. The host institution chosen for training is the UVE in Germany - which has extensive experience in training, coordination and organization of lifelong learning education programs, ensuring excellent quality in all the services provided to participants.
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