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Il Super Lettore Europeo
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our project focussing on KA2 for school partnerships stems from the identification of some urgent needs in the Italian schooling context; it aims at modernising the educational offer and facilitating international cooperation to favour the growth of our country’s cultural capital through increasing students’ reading skills and teachers’ professionalism in order to reduce school drop outs and promote European citizenship. The project main idea for a “Super European Reader’s License” originated from the awareness of the constant effort required to contrast the widespread aversion to reading among the Italian youth. The evidence for such need comes from the alarming data provided by the 2012 OCSE PISA National Report on L1 reading skills, from the 2013Report on the promotion of reading skills, and from the 2012-2013 Invalsi report. What’s more, the Lang Survey on Language Competences showed that also the reading skills for the L2 are set at B2 level, which means they are hardly spendable on the labour market. Our pro-reading partnership among the schools involved will look at reading competences as the key to triggering thinking skills and leading to wise adulthood. The general objectives identified and described in the project are: 1) Promoting reading literacy among the youth so that they can understand a variety of messages, so as to improve L1 reading skills towards OCSE standards, as well as increase the percentage of top performers; 2) Improving L2 language and comprehension skills to facilitate mobility on the European labour market; 3) Favouring the development of social skills to create a European network among students. The project group are 14-17 year-old students and their teachers. The partnership will consist of three vocational Italian schools and four other schools from the UK, Poland, Spain and Portugal. Each of the institutions involved will select 12 “L1 Super Readers”, 12 “L2 Super Readers” at a local level; finally 12 Super European Readers (SERs) will be selected among all partner schools in a multiplier event taking place in the UK. The activities implemented throughout the project will be extremely varied, but the most significant ones will be the following : 1)The awarding of a Super Reader’s License for the L1 and Super European Reader’s License for the L2; 2.) The research and the drafting of guidelines for increasing reading skills in the L1 and L2; 3) ICT Activities such as blog and wiki writing, as well as the use of e-twinning platform and social networks among the partner schools to cooperate and produce L1 and L2 outputs; 4) A joint key activity in the UK to foster L2 skills, assess and share results; 5) Some indoor events such as seminars and workshop featuring students and teachers to socialise and share the best practices experienced. The Project Cycle Management and the partner schools will work in synergy to implement the Erasmus + guidelines, create new bonds among the participating schools, exchange best practices, and produce new tools to foster L1 and L2 reading skills. The results we aim for are: 1) Improvement of L1 and L2 reading skills, so that all participating countries reach the OCSE standards and above; 2) Improvement in the use of ICT to communicate and cooperate in the L1 and L2; 3) Raising students’ awareness on the importance of reading and language skills to expand their personal and professional horizon. The impact of the project will be in the sharing and implementation of the Super European Reader’s license, which will serve as a teaching as well as an assessment tool for the reading skills. Our motto is: "Literacy is the key to participate in the society and Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world".
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