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Il GlottoDrama.Metodo teatrale per l'italiano LS

The GlottoDrama is an innovative methodology to teach Italian as a foreign language.This project aims to experiment this method in 4 European countries. The method triesto integrate the communicative approach with the actors' training. The teaching is basedon the project-oriented pedagogical theory and classes are intended as workshops ofactors training, using a foreign language. The syllabus is procedural and according tothe programme the first step is working on micro-texts, involving the students in 4 kindsof activities: dramatising, role-taking, role-play, impromptu. With the second step, thecourse concentrates on preparing a complete play to perform (either a theatre play or amovie script or a self-produced play). The text will be explored by the student-actors inall its dimensions (linguistic, cultural, and dramaturgic) under the guide of 2 teachers (1language teacher and 1 teacher of drama) who will take the roles of languagecounsellor and director of stage. The target language is Italian, but this methodology canbe easily transferred to the teaching of other foreign languages. This is the mainEuropean added value of the project. The GlottoDrama Method moves from acommunicative and humanistic approach to language teaching and is based on aholistic perspective of the language acquisition process in which both cognitive andbehavioural aspects are relevant. The pedagogical challenge of this interdisciplinaryapproach to language learning is to stimulate students' motivation by a strong andpersonal psychological involvement. In fact it refers basically to the best knownemotional theories of acting (Stanislavskij System and Strasberg Method of the ActorsStudio). The GlottoDrama tries to answer also to a psycholinguistic and inter-culturalcritical problem observed in several teaching methods used in class, even at advancedstages of learning. That is to say the difficult switch from a foreign language perceivedas the language of others to a language perceived as my language. Main didacticobjectives: to remove affective filters that prevent language learning; to acquire a morenatural way of expressing oneself; to develop a deeper awareness of languageregisters and lexical choices suitable for each situation and context; to stimulate thecapacity of communicating combining effectively verbal (including paralinguisticelements) and non-verbal codes; to adopt the L2 also when expressing very personalemotions and feelings; to turn the artificial dynamic of the "school class" into the moremotivating dynamic of the acting company. Pedagogical material to be published: aResource book of activities, a Guide to the GlottoDrama method for teachers (Italianand English Version), and a video documentary on the method.

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