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IJP: Internationales Jugendprojektehaus: Eine konkrete Zukunft für Jugendliche aufbauen
Start date: May 1, 2014, End date: May 1, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The Association Jugendkulturarbeit .V. (2012-DE-155) in Oldenburg, North of Germany, founded and networked in districts with a high proportion of migrants eight children 's and youth theater groups. With the theater education process of scenic game children and young people the association offers the opportunity to strengthen emancipation , language development and social and artistic skills The European volunteers will be working in the office of Jugendkulturarbeit e.V., and in the districts Ohmstede , Kreyenbrück , Bloherfelde , Ofenerdiek and various collaborations with schools ( Grundschle Ohmstede and Nadorst , IGS Flötenteich and the special school for youngsters with specials needs, disabilities " school on Voßbarg " in Rastede ) . The European Voluntary Service normally takes between 10 or 12 months of service and follows the "Schulkalendar" (school schedule) . Different workplaces are available for the volunteers: the " IJP " ( International Youth Projects House ) and the Volontärshaus (House of volunteers), Administrative centre of the association) and then the differten range of activities outiside: in the neighborhoods , in the football club 1.FC Ohmstede and in the schools. The volunteers are encouraged to get an active role /integrating into the scene work ( Szenisches Spiel) as team leaders. This opportunity develop as sense of self-responsible youth work. The / volunteer should first establish good relationships , made with the children and young people with the work , before he / she is (such as Francesca Clemente ) involved in the drafting of scenes or composin her own music . The association sees the group as a reliable social space which can go beyond the pure samples of work. One target for volunteers is starting their actions/ intitiatives, for example could be to desing, decorete ( "gestalten") their own room, space. There are currently 5 to 6 places for FW in the volunteer house , but the association thinks that the projects in the future could become even bigger. We imagine to apply for EVS large-scale event ( for example for the Jugendtheatertagen in cooperation with Oldenburg Stadttheater) The organization has strong partners in Poland , Ukraine , France, Spain, Latvia , England, South Africa, Italy , Lithuania and builds year after year, new friendships and collaborations on . The goal is to work with any organization that is committed towards youth services with a focus on cultural and political education to cooperate. We want the international exchanges and cooperation continue to withstand , because that is the only way that the IJP (international youth projects house ) can continue to exist.
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