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Igrificirani interaktivni časovni trak Davorin Jenko
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

After successful implementation of the quality system to school (SiQ certificate) we feel the need to develop the quality of teaching. In doing so, we want to encourage creativity and innovation, interdisciplinary collaboration, cooperative learning, the use of ICT, lifelong learning and mobility of teachers to raise their competence and greater openness of the school. Among these general guidelines, the school, depending on skills and motivation of teachers, identified the following specific priorities to be included in the annual work plan: - increase the introduction of new, active learning methods and the use, creation and upgrading of tools and materials to closer to the needs and habits of new generations; - as the only educational institution in the municipality we would like to approach the cultural heritage to young people with the help of modern technology, and maximize openness by encouraging the expansion of cross-cultural and linguistic competence. To meet these priorities we have decided to implement two projects in the next two years: Erasmus KA1mobility of school staff (pilot group), since the majority of the above requirements cannot be met at the national level, and at the same time making a game-like interactive, animated timeline Davorin Jenko, as an example of good practice and synthesis of new knowledge and competencies that teachers will gain in mobility activities. When creating a timeline, where Davorin will travel from birth to death, and meet different people, inventions, and characteristics of his time, we want to try new methods of work: Students will gain knowledge and information with the use of mobile technology, translate materials into English , individual elements of learning materials will be gamified, animated and designed in the form of didactic games, we will include video, audio, images and text, and interdisciplinary, with collaborative learning we will include a variety of interactive exercises designed using a variety of computer tools. In this way, the timeline will become a "treasure chest" of innovative teaching materials, a kind of digital classroom. The product is intended to provide an example and encouragement to other educational institutions in the construction, and implementation of modern, multimedia and interdisciplinary learning materials and gamification into teaching. In addition to creating an interactive timeline we would like our professional staff to: - Gain more experience and competence in working with ICT, the know-how, which will help create online learning materials: obtain fun and interactive experience in teaching through the use of freely available digital tools, to learn about the programmes, which could produce an interactive timeline, to upgrade it with a variety of multimedia content, interactive tasks, gamification ... - Gain experience, didactic knowledge, learn and try out a wide range of possibilities for active learning forms, e.g. effective use of mobile devices, tablets in teaching; learning outside the classroom (BYOD model), to meet a variety of applications, CLIL teaching, project work, collaborative learning using digital technology .. - Obtain more intercultural and language competence for the opening of the domestic environment and maintaining effective communication with international professionals and participation in various European projects. The project will engage participants in 6 different professional profiles for wider dissemination and cross-curricular integration. A computer expert, a teacher of English and German, a science teacher, a mathematician, a historian and a teacher of Slovene and an assistant principal as control over the quality of the project. We started the implementation of our project with the formation of highly motivated group of individuals and setting guidelines for the European school development plan. Through the portal Schooleducationgateway we have determined a range of activities in the interest of individuals, their competences and tasks to be performed on the project and the subsequent dissemination. The plan provides the accurate preparation of a specific activity (linguistic, cultural, content and organization), mobility control by the school management and education providers, a detailed report and evaluation during and after the activity. Dissemination of ideas and new knowledge will occur already during the project through meetings of expert groups in the school; staff will be actively involved in the project Timeline, teaching outside the classroom with the help of mobile devices and testing of other new features that will have to be introduced in their annual work plans at the end of the project. Through the public media and conferences, experience and innovations will be presented to the general public, and the school will become known for the use of innovative ICT solutions and be involved in further European integration (Erasmus +, eTwinning).
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