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IES VICA Formación Agraria en Europa
Start date: 01 Jun 2016, End date: 31 May 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

IES VICA AGRARIAN TUITION IN EUROPEPARTICIPATING INSTITUTIONS/ORGANIZATIONS:AS SENDING:1.- IES Virgen de la Cabeza. It is a Spanish Vocational Training Institute (tertiary level), and acts in this project as sending organization of participants.AS RECEIVING:1. -Zespol Szkol Kształcenia Rolniczego im Centrum. Jadwigi Dziubinskiej. It is a Polish Agrarian VET school (secondary), which acts as receiving institution with a boarding school.2.- Berufsbildende Schulen Gesundheit und Soziales. It is a German Vocational Training Institute (tertiary level). FP dual.3.-Agroturystyka Brzoza. It is a Polish private organization dedicated to agrotourism.4.- IIS G. GARIBALDI. It is an institute of agricultural professional fomación (tertiary level), with boarding school and a trainig farm5.- Kainuun ammattiopisto. A finnish Vocational Education and training school of huge size6.-EDIA. A portuguesse enterprise that gives support to farms.DESCRIPTION OF THE ACTIVITIES OF ORGANIZATIONS:The sending organization:- Disclosure of the program for wide dissemination and degree of participation.- Just pick merit and prior preparation of students.- Courses: linguistic, prevention of occupational hazards and vocational training as such.- Tutoring and document management before mobility.- Sending participants agreed corresponding mentoring and training program.- Certification and accreditation after mobility.- Dissemination of results.- Optimization of the improvements gained through implementation of new methodologies and training.Receiving organizations:- Establish training agreements.- Reception of participants providing support in terms of the needs they have.- Conducting training programs for cultural, linguistic and occupational safety impreganción.- Tutoring student in the period of practical training.- Companies searching for practical training of participants.- Certification and issuance of documentation certifying the training period.METHODOLOGY USED TO CONDUCT THE PROJECTActivities will be scheduled before, during and after the mobility. Receiving institutions shall appoint a training tutor for each of the participants. These training tutor will be responsible to oversee the students progress as well as itemize the training programs in companies with practical training, which shall conform to the generic program agreed between the two centers involved each participant.The participation of both teaching staff and labour staff will seek a training as broad as possible, it is the reason of doing a training/jobshadow mobility into each of the schools, which will enrich the formation of the own participants in this formative sector. Afterwards it will be held symposia about mobility and try to implement those working methodologies and protocols that demonstrate to be the most appropriate from those made in the mobilities and as result of an improved training and acquisition of skills of our students. BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF EXPECTED RESULTS, IMPACT AND DIFFUSIONAn Internationalization of the Instutite and reinforcement of the concerns in language learning throughout the educational community and improving the skills and professional skills of participating students.Increased employability of our students and the profits inthose companies that hire these skilled students.The local impact can be really good, in the area there are a number of cooperatives that can see enhanced its international presence through the recruitment of technicians with a training and communication skills strengthened through formative experience in EU countries.At provincial/regional level as well as the area of influence of our center and the large number of companies with which relates make this project a tool that could be useful to these companies.By this way it will spread your back training and knowledge to the rest of the educational community and vocational training through the use of educational platforms, open sessions and workshops in order to be celebrated by the occasion, besides publications in journals of agricultural extension and other informative activities.LONG TERM BENEFITS.Improved ratios of early school leaving.Improving personal, social and professional development of our students.Improving the employability of students and recent graduates.Improved vision and entrepreneurial spirit of the collective.Enhancing international dimension of the school and its corporate image.Improved employment benefits of the recent graduated youth workers in the center.
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